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    telerik and Mono

    It all started at Microsoft PDC this year.  We met Miguel de Icaza at our booth, and we talked about running our products under Mono.  I had previously done some tests under my Linux machine at home, and it turned out that our obfuscated assemblies broke the Mono CLR.  Yes, that means crashes and abnormal process terminations.  Miguel was really kind and offered his help.  He was able to determine that our obfuscator (Xenocode) was generating invalid IL instructions in order to break possible decompilations.  Unfortunately that broke Mono too.  In fact it was not only Mono -- we had a lot of...
    November 28, 2005
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    Building your own VS2005-compatible NUnit distribution

    Yesterday I blogged about two specific problems with VS2005 that have been driving me nuts this week.  Now I think I found a solution to one of them: the crashes caused when running your tests from TestDriven.NET's menu. I remembered reading on the nunit-users mailing list (or was it nunit-developer?) that NUnit does not quite support .NET 2.0 at 100% yet.  People have been getting the source from the CVS repository and have been building their own versions of the library, targeted at a specific .NET 2 framework version since the betas.  I decided to try and do that myself. First I got the...
    November 04, 2005
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    Book Review: Working Effectively with Legacy Code

    I finished reading Michael Feathers' book this week, and I am absolutely thrilled. This is my first book review on this blog, and I hope it gives a good idea of the book, so that people can make an informed decision on whether to spend their time reading it.
    October 26, 2005
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    You know you've had too much...

    ...of InstallShield when you dream about it.  Last night, after yesterday's problems, I dreamt about events, conditions, and property grids.  Ugh!  Good thing, I am taking a break from installers soon. Do you dream about your work a lot?...
    October 07, 2005
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    InstallShield discriminates me!

    InstallShield caused a lot of grief today by treating my code as inferior.  A single action worked differently if it was invoked by my code than if being called by an InstallShield "native" command.  I was trying to implement some advanced logic in an installer's custom feature selection.  My goal was to have two features that you can install together or separately.  I wanted to force the user to install at least one of the features.  InstallShield does not support that, so I ventured into writing a custom action in JScript.  I had a simple plan:Verify if both features are deselected and set a flag property. Enable or...
    October 06, 2005