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    WebDD: I'll be there

    I am very excited to spread the news: I will be presenting at the WebDD conference. I am giving a talk on developing ASP.NET AJAX components -- one of my pet projects for some time now. Wait! There's more: Zhivko, our usability master and design guru will have a session on usability testing. Don't miss it out!
    January 18, 2007
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    The Book! Finally Out!

    I just have to brag about this one! I have been contributing articles for the Windows Developer Power Tools book. The book project has been lead by Jim Holmes and James Avery and I have been brought in by Mr. Holmes.
    January 04, 2007
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    My first public speaking!

    Monday and Tuesday have been very exciting for me!  Rumen already mentioned the DevReach conference: I was not only an attendee -- this was my first speaking experience!  My talk was about building and testing Atlas components, so that you actually get a chance succeeding at a large JavaScript development project.  Maybe I am getting a bit arogant when it comes down to client scripting, but I am starting to believe that after working for telerik for 2.5 years, I think I have seen it all.  We maintain a huge JavaScript code base and our only chance of keeping our sanity was to naturally move to writing...
    October 11, 2006
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    Announcing the r.a.d.callback 2.0 beta -- AJAXicity all over the place.

    I love the smell of AJAX in the morning.  Hmm, no more listening to Sodom till the end of the week!!The last few days have been overwhelming.  We have been doing our best to wrap up a the beta release of r.a.d.callback.  We are finally done, and the build has gone live.  Yes it is true now!  Go get it from the beta forum, play with it and get that feedback back to us. So, what's new and cool in there?  My favorite feature is the huge boost that the CallbackPanel got.  It is not a dumb container that only knows how to execute JavaScript...
    February 21, 2006
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    Test-driving Windows shell scripts with Windows Scripting Host

    I was creating a small banner rotation script yesterday.  It needed to be tiny, lightweight and easy to deploy, so I chose to do it in JScript as it is available on every Windows machine.  I usually do small automation projects in Ruby, but the machine that has to run the script does not have Ruby installed.  I am a closure freak, so I went for JScript (VBScript does not have closures).The script has to select a random subfolder from the source location and copy all its files to the destination.  I don't have much experience with Windows Scripting Host's (WSH)...
    December 01, 2005