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Do you think that the word "ubiquitous" can be hard on a non-native English speaker's ears. It is hard for Bulgarians, that I am sure. I picked it for the title because I really like its the strangeness and because it has a nice allusion to the software development best practice of automating everything that you get your hands on: tests, build procedures, and deployment. You need that to gain predictability in your project and ensure rapid and often delivery of new features.

What surprised me was Jeffrey Snover's (yes, the architect behind PowerShell) comment about the original use of the word with regard to the PowerShell cmdlets (emphasis mine):

I'll buy any book that has the word PowerShell or Ubiquitious in it.

FYI - our "common" parameters are called "common" because the doc people thought we would confuse people by calling them "ubiquitous" parameters. I had been calling them that for years prior to the switch. It's such a wonderful word.

Best of luck with the book. It sounds like it will be a good addition to the pool. It feels like it is going to be in that 2nd generations of books that focuses in on HOW TO USE PowerShell to accomplish a goal vs WHAT IS PowerShell. Both are super important.

Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]
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Hristo Deshev is a Principal Software Engineer at Telerik
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Hristo Deshev

Hristo Deshev is a Principal Software Engineer at Telerik.


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