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    Using RadRibbonWindow with RadRibbonBar for WPF

    As you can expect, we have received a lot of great feedback from the community regarding RadRibbonBar.  One thing that people always asked about, however, was how to better integrate the RadRibbonBar into the actual window itself.  This way, rather than having the Window title and RadRibbonBar title both displaying, it would provide for a more seamless user experience.  Well, we listened. :) With our latest release, we have included the RadRibbonWindow to the RadControls for WPF library, allowing you to take the old window + RadRibbon combination and create something a little more visually compelling. First we want to add the...
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    Silverlight Recruiting Application Wrap-up and Source Code

    Hey everyone, it is the day you've all been waiting for.  So what makes April 8th so special?  Today on the live webinar I added the last module to the Silverlight Recruiting Application, both in the code-behind and in the MVVM/Prism versions.  Here is a quick look at the end result: Pretty neat, right? :) To get some of the pre-requisites out of the way, to play with this you will need... Visual Studio 2008 Silverlight 3 WCF RIA Services Beta for VS2008 (last version release for 2k8) Ideally you'll all have downloaded the Q1 2010 release, but if not I included the...
    April 08, 2010
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    Silverlight Recruiting Application Part 6 - Adding an Interview Scheduling Module/View

    Between the last post and this one I went ahead and carried the ideas for the Jobs module and view into the Applicants module and view- they're both doing more or less the same thing, except with different objects being at their core.  Made for an easy cut-and-paste operation with a few items being switched from one to another.  Now that we have the ability to add postings and applicants, wouldn't it be nice if we could schedule an interview?  Of course it would! Scheduling Module I think you get the drift from previous posts that these project structures start looking somewhat...
    March 29, 2010
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    Silverlight Recruiting Application Part 5 - Jobs Module / View

    Now we starting getting into a more code-heavy portion of this series, thankfully though this means the groundwork is all set for the most part and after adding the modules we will have a complete application that can be provided with full source. The Jobs module will have two concerns- adding and maintaining jobs that can then be broadcast out to the website.  How they are displayed on the site will be handled by our admin system (which will just poll from this common database), so we aren't too concerned with that, but rather with getting the information into the...
    March 22, 2010
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    Silverlight Recruiting Application Part 4 - Navigation and Modules

    After our brief intermission (and the craziness of Q1 2010 release week), we're back on track here and today we get to dive into how we are going to navigate through our applications as well as how to set up our modules.  That way, as I start adding the functionality- adding Jobs and Applicants, Interview Scheduling, and finally a handy Dashboard- you'll see how everything is communicating back and forth.  This is all leading up to an eventual webinar, in which I'll dive into this process and give a honest look at the current story for MVVM vs. Code-Behind applications.  (For...
    March 15, 2010