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    JustCode Q1 2011 Service Pack 1 is out

    A month after the successful JustCode Q1 release we are ready with a new wave of improvements – Q1 2011 SP1. You can download it directly from Visual Studio through the JustCode Auto Updates or get it from telerik.com. Highlights for the Service Pack: Performance optimizations – startup performance, solution load performance, memory consumption, etc.; New Generate ToString() feature; A ton of other fixes and improvements (more info in the full release notes). As always for the service pack we focused on fixing reported issues. Additionally we were able to squeeze in some nice improvements that should make your just-coding experience a better one. In the same time...
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    JustCode Q1 2011 RTM is here

    As part of Telerik’s major Q1 2011 release, JustCode arrives with tons of great new stuff. The biggies are Code Cleaning, Decompiling and Options Sharing features.  Our brand new Code Cleaning feature allows you to reformat and tidy up your code in a single step. We have been working on an integrated decompiler for quite some time. It allows you to seamlessly browse through decompiled code in referenced assemblies as if it were source. With this release of JustCode you can start doing that without leaving Visual Studio. Applying code style standards across the team is now possible with the new Options...
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    JustCode Code Templates

    Template Basics JustCode templates are much like Visual Studio code snippets. They give you a chance to seamlessly generate a piece of code following a predefined structure. In the general case you just have to pick up the real content, i.e. the stuff that actually defines the logic of the code, from a set of possible choices that JustCode computes for you. All the boilerplate code is automatically generated for you. For example, here is how the C# built-in foreach code template  normally works out: Step 1 – Expand the template Step 2 – Choose a collection variable to iterate over   Notice how the type of e automatically changes from string to int   Step...
    September 06, 2010
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    Service Pack for JustCode Q2 released

      This week we release a service pack for JustCode Q2 2010. You can get the full details about the release here, but I wanted to point out a few highlights that might be of interest. New auto-updating functionality This service pack improves the current auto-updating functionality with the addition of one new option. By now you could get notifications only when a new official release or service pack was available. With this new option you will get notified for available internal builds as well. By default it is on, but if prefer to stick only to the official released versions you can switch...
    August 26, 2010
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    JustCode – Color Identifiers in Depth

    Last time we looked at the basics of JustCode color identifiers. In this blog I will go a bit more in-depth about each of the available markers. There are quite a few, and we will be adding more as we mature JustCode.    What Do All of Those Markers DO? There are many markers listed in the “Display Item” list view, and you might not immediately know what some of these affect in the UI. That is why I have come up with this “cheat sheet” explaining each setting. Note: This code snippet contains at least one of every item JustCode colorizes. I turned off...