• .NET

    Lazy Programming for Smarties

    As a programmer, I can honestly say that I am lazy. Forget the menial job of repeating tasks... if it takes me an hour to complete an iteration, I would rather spend 3 hours automating the process. You never know when you might need to do it again, and the click of a button is much more satisfying than an hour of processing data. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way either, otherwise Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas wouldn’t have codified the DRY principle in The Pragmatic Programmer…. Don’t Repeat Yourself.  Visual Studio makes it easy to be...
    April 10, 2012
  • .NET

    From Legacy to Dependency Injection

    The best thing about using Telerik JustMock is that you can mock practically everything. You can even mock types without using dependency injection, making JustMock the best framework to use when working with legacy code. We’ve all encountered tightly-bound code, and our first instinct is to correct it. However, there are only so many hours in a sprint, and it’s not always convenient to go on a large refactoring spree when the backlog is filling up. With JustMock, you can still ensure the code works, and it will set you up for the cleaning that will take place at a later time. The...
    April 04, 2012
  • .NET

    JustCode Extension Improvements in 2012 Q1 SP

    The Telerik JustCode 2012 Q1 service pack has been released, and with it comes improvements to help you begin writing JustCode extensions. Project Template Our previous release of JustCode included a project template that included three extension examples for navigation, code marking / fixes, and refactoring. This is accessed from the Telerik menu under Installed Templates when creating a new project. Running this project would copy the assembly to the Libraries\UserExtensions folder in the JustCode installation path. This had the unfortunate side effect of applying the extensions anytime you ran Visual Studio, which would cause the assembly to be locked and hindered the ability...
    March 30, 2012
  • .NET

    JustCode Visual Studio 11 Beta Support

    Microsoft recently released the new Visual Studio 11 Beta. The JustCode team has been working hard, and we have already published an internal build with support for Visual Studio 11. You can download it directly from your account. Feel free to give it a try, and please keep in mind that VS11 is in beta and JustCode support is still experimental. Some glitches are to be expected. The fine print There are a few known issues when using JustCode with Visual Studio 11: WinRT projects are not supported yet. Asynchronous solution loading (a nice improvement for Visual Studio 11 that allows you to start working immediately...
    March 09, 2012
  • .NET JavaScript

    JustCode and QUnit means easy JavaScript unit testing in Visual Studio

    As we showed in the Jasmine blog post JustCode provides seamless integration of JavaScript unit testing inside Visual Studio. JustCode supports two of the most widely used JavaScript unit testing frameworks – Jasmine and QUnit, allowing you to leverage the one that better fits your needs or both. Today’s post covers the support of QUnit JavaScript unit tests in JustCode. JQuery’s QUnit testing framework QUnit is a powerful, easy-to-use, JavaScript test suite. It's used by the jQuery project to test its code and plugins but is capable of testing any generic JavaScript code. In order to find out more about the framework and its capabilities please...
    February 29, 2012