The Telerik JustCode 2012 Q1 service pack has been released, and with it comes improvements to help you begin writing JustCode extensions.

Project Template

Our previous release of JustCode included a project template that included three extension examples for navigation, code marking / fixes, and refactoring. This is accessed from the Telerik menu under Installed Templates when creating a new project.


Running this project would copy the assembly to the Libraries\UserExtensions folder in the JustCode installation path. This had the unfortunate side effect of applying the extensions anytime you ran Visual Studio, which would cause the assembly to be locked and hindered the ability to continue working in the extension project until the assembly was removed. We fixed this by utilizing the debug options in the project’s properties.


When you debug a JustCode extension project, it launches Visual Studio with a switch for JustCode to load extensions in a specific directory.

Item Templates

The project template is a great starting point, but it led overuse of copy/paste when creating new extensions in the same project. To alleviate this problem, we created item templates for each of the supported extension types.


These templates provide the skeleton of each extension type… eliminating the need to copy/paste!

To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before

Opening the API gives you more flexibility than ever before, enabling JustCode to be specialized for any project. Want to learn more? Here are links to available articles on creating JustCode extensions!

Wait, There’s More!

Improvements to the extension API wasn’t the only thing included in the service pack. We also added support for Visual Studio 11 and improved the formatter. Be sure to update your installation of JustCode today!

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