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    Getting Started with JustCode Webinar

    Telerik JustCode includes many features beyond what is offered in a vanilla installation of Visual Studio. More importantly, it gives you these features without interfering with the way you code. The latest edition includes a Getting Started Wizard to help you learn the basic features of JustCode. Even so, any extremely powerful tool deserves a good walk-through. On Tuesday, July 3rd, join the Getting Started with JustCode Webinar, where I will do just that. Attend this webinar to discover awesome features you can use immediately and how JustCode makes your work day easier. Along the way, I will show you a few...
    June 29, 2012
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    Improved Navigation in JustCode

    One of Telerik JustCode’s most valuable features – its quick code navigation, recently got even better. We decided to re-think the way our Camel Case Searcher works. Our main priorities were to deliver more than expected, show you what’s expected on top ASAP, and greatly improve searching flexibility – we did all that. Camel Case Searching allows you to quickly find entities by typing either their acronyms or parts of the words that are contained in it. When you use capital letters, or separating symbols, JustCode will try to match them with the word beginnings; splitting your search text with spaces...
    June 21, 2012
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    Killer .NET Ninja Skills

    The right knowledge and the right tools differentiate the .NET ninjas from the .NET laborers, and the ninja’s choice of Visual Studio productivity tools bestows to those who wield it more power than ever before. The Telerik JustCode Q2 2012 release is leading the way with features such as cloud synchronization and WinRT / Metro support. Last week, I hinted at three powers of the .NET Ninja you will obtain in this release. I will now reveal them, but there is much more. Be sure to attend next week’s webinar to see everything in action! The Cleaner – Prototype Cleaning The Sorcerer – Getting Started Wizard...
    June 14, 2012
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    The .NET Ninja–Three New Powers

    The mysterious figure in black performing super human feats. The cunning warrior defeating enemies with insightful tactics. The software developer who has mastered .NET development with elevated techniques. These are all examples of the ninja; from legend to today. I once wrote that Telerik JustCode will transform you into a .NET ninja, and then gave examples of how it would do so. Telerik JustCode Q2 2012 grants you three more powers of the .NET Ninja, to be revealed on Monday, June 11th. Here’s a little hint of what’s to come… The Cleaner JustCode enables you to clean a file far beyond the capabilities of...
    June 06, 2012
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    Why I Hate Unit Testing

    So you went to work for the cool company that wooed you with promises of cutting edge technologies and techniques. In the interview, they told you that they are agile and unit test everything. You may or may not have been in an agile environment before, but the important thing you are enthusiastic about joining a team that truly gets software development. You tested on your previous job, even using JustMock to write better tests. You promise you can be agile yourself and quickly adopt their practices. You’re immediately hired. Many of you have been there… maybe you’re there right now. It takes...