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    New Mocking Capabilities in JustMock Q3 2011 SP

    Telerik JustMock received many new features in the service pack for the Q3 2011 release, enhancing the mocking framework’s impressive ability to mock almost everything. Let’s take a look at a few highlights of JustMock Q3 2011 SP. Mock Inside a Threadpool Mock objects can be accessed inside of another thread and work as expected. var mockable = Mock.Create<Mockable>(); Mock.Arrange(() => mockable.IsMocked).Returns(true); bool mocked = false; var latch = new WaitLatch(); ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(cookie => { try { mocked = mockable.IsMocked; } finally { ...
    February 03, 2012
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    Naming Conventions in JustCode

    Choosing appropriate identifiers for the constructs in your code provides better readability and maintainability. With the latest build of Telerik JustCode you can now easily set naming conventions for all your code elements. Configuration and Supported languages These rules can be set for C# and VB.NET and are part of the Code Style section of the JustCode options dialog: These options are part of the shared settings so you can share them per solution as well. Naming Rules There are seven types of rules that a user can choose from: camelCase PascalCase UPPER_UNDERSCORE lower_underscore Sentence_underscore PascalCase_Underscore camelCase_Underscore You can also disable the naming convention for a specific construct. Just choose “Disabled” from the rules...
    February 02, 2012
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    What’s New In The Latest JustCode Internal Build

    In preparing for the upcoming major release of Telerik JustCode we published our first internal build for this year. Besides focusing on performance and memory footprint improvements we’ve listened to the users’ voice and implemented some of the features you’ve asked us for. New In Test Runner We continued to improve our support for MbUnit and NUnit testing frameworks. Now we support the NUnit TheoryAttribute, and for MbUnit you will find support for: TestFixtureAttribute RowAttribute StaticTestFactoryAttribute DynamicTestFactoryAttribute Added New Filters In ToDo Navigator After user’s request we added two more useful filters to the “Filter by” menu in the ToDo Navigator – “Current File” and “Current Project”: Naming Conventions With the latest build of JustCode...
    January 24, 2012
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    Search in JustDecompile

    There are many reasons why you would want to decompile an assembly with Telerik JustDecompile. Perhaps you’re curious about the inner workings of a particular reference, or maybe you’re looking for interesting techniques. But when you’re trying to solve an issue, you need to be able to quickly find what’s going wrong. Clues can range from a particular method call to an exception message, and a more robust method of searching was requested on the JustDecompile User Voice. We have answered the request in the latest version of JustDecompile. The Search Window The new search window is accessible through the common shortcut...
    January 13, 2012
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    New Refactorings in JustCode Q3 2011

    With each new release Telerik JustCode continues to expand in all directions. Following our previous refactorings post, here we’ll show you some new conversions added to the refactorings area for JustCode 2011’s Q3 release. Anonymous, Lambda And Named Method Conversions Now you can easily alter between those three ways of defining and using a method. Select the method and then choose from the refactorings menu "To Anonymous", "To Lambda" or "To Named Method" (refactorings context menu is shown with the shortcut Alt+Insert or from the VisualAid’s R menu):   Convert Interface To Abstract Class And Vice Versa Next we have "Convert Interface To Abstract Class" and vice versa. Place...
    January 05, 2012