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With each new release Telerik JustCode continues to expand in all directions. Following our previous refactorings post, here we’ll show you some new conversions added to the refactorings area for JustCode 2011’s Q3 release.

Anonymous, Lambda And Named Method Conversions

Now you can easily alter between those three ways of defining and using a method. Select the method and then choose from the refactorings menu "To Anonymous", "To Lambda" or "To Named Method" (refactorings context menu is shown with the shortcut Alt+Insert or from the VisualAid’s R menu):


Convert Interface To Abstract Class And Vice Versa

Next we have "Convert Interface To Abstract Class" and vice versa. Place your cursor on the interface identifier and select "Convert Interface To Abstract Class" from the refactorings menu. You can also do the other way around and convert an abstract class to an interface:


Convert Plain Static Method To Extension Method And Vice Versa

Place your cursor on a static non-extension method’s parameter you’d like to use as a "this parameter" (if you place the cursor on the method’s name, the first parameter will be used). From the refactorings menu select "To Extension Method". Your method will be converted and placed in a separate extensions class (a new class will be created if none is found):

And vice versa - convert extension methods to plain static methods. Place your cursor on an extension method’s identifier and select "To Plain Static Method":


That’s it for today. We hope you like what you see, much more to come. Your feedback is welcome and appreciated. Write to us in forum or support.

Happy Coding!

The JustCode team

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