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    The New Old RadScheduler for WinForms: What’s New and Improved

    In Q2 2014, we decided to fundamentally enhance RadScheduler in order to make it transfer it from a end-to-end solution to a flexible control allowing further customization. Read on for further information about the enhancements we have made.
    September 25, 2014
  • Productivity

    Are You a Developer Who Survived the Apocalypse

    Make Some Resolutions! Surviving three apocalypses in two years was so exhausting that I managed to miss three others. We supposedly have five more years before the next, but I fully expect a hipster apocalypse or zombie uprising before then. It may even be the same event if a nefarious person discovers NSA back doors in Apple products. 
    January 03, 2013
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    New Refactorings in JustCode Q3 2011

    With each new release Telerik JustCode continues to expand in all directions. Following our previous refactorings post, here we’ll show you some new conversions added to the refactorings area for JustCode 2011’s Q3 release. Anonymous, Lambda And Named Method Conversions Now you can easily alter between those three ways of defining and using a method. Select the method and then choose from the refactorings menu "To Anonymous", "To Lambda" or "To Named Method" (refactorings context menu is shown with the shortcut Alt+Insert or from the VisualAid’s R menu):   Convert Interface To Abstract Class And Vice Versa Next we have "Convert Interface To Abstract Class" and vice versa. Place...
    January 05, 2012
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    What’s New And Improved In JustCode Q3 2011 SP1

    Hot on the heels of the eagerly anticipated 2011 Q3 release of Telerik JustCode we publish its Service Pack. Our main goal was to improve performance and memory consumption but without forgetting about adding new functionalities and fixing the pending issues, as for example improving the existing code templates. If you want to be up to date with all that is added to JustCode, please visit our What’s New page. Test Runner With this release we introduce support for NUnit data driven tests. Now you can enhance your unit tests by using these attributes: TestCaseSource Combinatorial Sequential Pairwise Repeat Also you will see that we have made changes to the...
    December 23, 2011
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    Razor and CSS in JustCode

    The first service pack for Telerik JustCode Q2 2011 was recently released, but the development team is forging ahead with even more new features to make your life easier. New internal builds brings Razor and CSS support, which is welcome news for web developers using JustCode. Razor If you have developed applications in ASP.NET MVC 3, you are familiar with the new Razor view engine. It brings code closer to markup, and it’s fitting that its files use the extensions cshtml and vbhtml. The JustCode features you are familiar with now work on the C#, VB, JavaScript, and Html code inside Razor files. This includes...
    October 28, 2011