Hot on the heels of the eagerly anticipated 2011 Q3 release of Telerik JustCode we publish its Service Pack. Our main goal was to improve performance and memory consumption but without forgetting about adding new functionalities and fixing the pending issues, as for example improving the existing code templates. If you want to be up to date with all that is added to JustCode, please visit our What’s New page.

Test Runner

With this release we introduce support for NUnit data driven tests. Now you can enhance your unit tests by using these attributes:

Also you will see that we have made changes to the Test Runner UI optimizing it to show more useful information and adding “Filter by” field to filter the test results by Test, Type, Namespace, Project and File.

More Filtering In JustCode Windows

The same field was added in two other important JustCode windows – “Find Results” and “ToDo Navigator” – where you can choose between File, Project and Type values.

New In Refactorings

Promoting a local variable to a field is a common scenario and based on our customer feedback and a lot of feature requests we decided to implement that refactoring, but instead of adding a new one we decided to improve the already existing “Introduce Field” (that works on expressions). To promote a local variable to a field just go on the variable declaration identifier and execute “Introduce Field”.

UI Improvements

For the Service Pack we changed another UI component that greatly aids your daily work if you have to choose colors for your application. Our "Color Picker" was upgraded to the newest version offered by Telerik WPF RadControls and now it has support for different color schemes besides the many improvements. This support makes it easy to choose a color using the most convenient scheme for you.

And all this is only part of the many improvements we added in the latest Service Pack of JustCode. Try it for yourself and tell us what you think!

Merry Christmas and happy coding!

The JustCode team

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Chris Eargle

is a Microsoft C# MVP with over a decade of experience designing and developing enterprise applications, and he runs the local .NET User Group: the Columbia Enterprise Developers Guild. He is a frequent guest of conferences and community events promoting best practices and new technologies. Chris is a native Carolinian; his family settled the Dutch Form region of South Carolina in 1752. He currently resides in Columbia with his wife, Binyue, his dog, Laika, and his three cats: Meeko, Tigger, and Sookie. Amazingly, they all get along... except for Meeko, who is by no means meek.


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