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There are just a few days left until the first official official release for this year – Q1 2013. If you are following our Roadmap for WinForms, I guess that you are quite excited to put your hands on the new version of Telerik's Winforms controls. So excited are we to share what we have been preparing for you in the last few months and we couldn’t stop ourselves from drawing the curtain a little before the release. Below you can see the major new controls/improvements shortlisted for the release, this time with screenshots of the ready features.


The first public version of RadPivotGrid will become real in Q1 2013. It will boast brand new features such as report filtering and group sorting in the OLAP support thus enabling you to bring data management maturity to your projects:

PivotGrid for WinForms with OLAP support


A great addition to your Content Management Systems and Reporting applications, RadPDFViewer will open and display PDF files natively within your applications, without the need of any other PDFViewer solutions. A dedicated component will come to help you navigate in the opened PDF file.

PDFViewer for WinForms


Three more features will complement the relatively new charting solution, Telerik's Winforms chart control

Smart Labels

You have a lot of data to show in your chart and the data points should be labeled? Probably you’re then well familiar with the case when the data point labels overlap? The Smart Labels feature will greatly improve the way the labels are arranged, thus making your data more readable.

ChartView for WinForms with Smart Labels

Drill-down support

This feature will come in handy in cases where you want to show a detailed chart view based on the parent data point clicked by the end-user. The Drill-down support comes with built-in navigation in the form of a bread crumb and home/back buttons.

ChartView for WinForms with Drill-down support

Multi-axes support 

As the name of the feature speaks, you will be able to show several different series each of which will be plotted according to its own axes, and all this will happen in just one chart. Very useful when you have to compare values that describe different object characteristics versus a common one.

ChartView for WinForms with Multiple Axes support

Stay tuned!

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