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New features, a Material theme, bug fixes and more are here in the latest update to Reporting and Report Server.

We are excited to bring you the last service pack releases for Progress Telerik Reporting and Report Server. Most of the included bug fixes were reported from customers or with high priority. In addition to bug fixes, the Service Pack contains the WPF Report Viewer Material theme, and support for native promises in HTML5 Report Viewer.

In this blog post I will elaborate on the important improvements and bug fixes we have introduced in the 2017 R2 SP1 release. 

HTML5 Report Viewer 

The HTML5 Report Viewer now uses the browser's native implementation for promises. When the browser does not support promises the viewer automatically loads a promise polyfill. The users can replace the default polyfill with another one of their choice. 

The switch from jQuery promises to native promises or polyfills enabled us to improve the error handling of the viewer and its behavior when using an authentication token. 

In addition, it is now possible to modify the used authentication token at run-time via the new authenticationToken(token) method provided by the viewer widget. 

Desktop Viewers

To enable dialogless printing and per report printer settings, we have exposed PrinterSettings and PrintController to the WPF and Windows Forms viewers PrintBegin event. 

WPF Report Viewer

The Reporting WPF report viewer supports all the themes included in the Telerik UI for WPF. In this release, we are introducing the latest touch-friendly, smooth and animated theme following the Material design guidelines.

CSV Data Source Wizard

Now you can easily add CSV source files with relative paths. The wizard will automatically determine if the provided path from FileOpen dialog can be converted to a relative one, and if applicable, convert it. We have also added an option to roll back to the original absolute path.

Crystal Reports Converter 

Crystal Reports converter can now be used for batch reports conversion with the exposed API. Once the reports are converted they can be opened in the Standalone Report Designer for fine tuning. 

For a detailed list of all the fixes check out the release notes pages: 

Telerik Reporting R2 2017 SP1 

Telerik Report Server R2 2017 SP1  

What's Coming Next in R3

Just to note that for R3 2017 we are working on some very exciting and highly desired improvements to Reporting and Report Server. This includes a major Reporting engine redesign to enable utilization of multiple CPU cores, and drastically reducing the memory footprint. In addition, we will make the HTML5 Report Viewer and its wrappers fully accessibility compliant. For Report Server, we are planning to isolate the reports data layer on the server—this way the Standalone Report Designer users will access the data definition through the Report Server and will not need special access privileges to the data source to author reports.

Share Your Feedback

Let us know how you'll be using the new functionality and what you're looking for in the future by leaving a comment below, or heading over to the feedback portal for Reporting and Report Server. As we mentioned above, we want to make your lives easier and feedback from our users drives our roadmap, so please share your feedback.

About the Author

Petar Raykov

Petar Raykov is a Software Developer in the Telerik Reporting division. He has been working on Telerik products since 2010. Off work he enjoys traveling, hanging out with friends and reading.

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