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Release History

Telerik Report Server R2 2017 SP1 (version

June 13, 2017

The Preview now supports native promises

  • The Preview now depends on the browser's native support for promises. When the browser does not support promises the viewer will automatically load a promise polyfill.


  • Share report from View or Preview with link - on login page fill in wrong password - after successful second attempt report parameters are lost
  • User's Enabled state can be set to False when there are no other "enabled" users


  • Category with duplicate name can be created
  • Empty or null name for scheduled task creation is accepted


  • The 'Select Server Report' option in the 'Edit Report Source' dialog saves NavigateToReport targets with file extension
  • Error is thrown when modifying Anchoring and Docking properties of multiple selected items
  • HtmlTextBox inline editor lacks context menu
  • Items overlap when the same docking is set
  • HtmlTextBox designer throws exception if mshtml.dll is missing
  • Parameters area is not refreshed when multivalue parameter's data source goes to invalid state
  • QueryBuilder parameter value prompt is incorrect
  • The Data Provider value in Data Connections dialog is reset when edited.
  • The main window doesn't come to foreground when the splash screen is closed
  • The message, displayed by the Configure SQL Data Source wizard when the connection fails, does not contain detailed exception information
  • Unhanded exception occurs when editing link in HtmlTextBox

Crystal Reports Converter

  • Crystal Reports converter cannot be used through the API

Csv Data Source

  • Only absolute local paths to a CSV file are supported


  • Graph's legend item do not respect the Style and MarkStyle BackgroundImage property
  • Graph's Title and GraphLegend's Title do not respect their style's BackgroundImage property
  • Items in different scopes having the same target of their ToggleVisibilityAction are not synchronized correctly
  • PDF417 barcode is rendered incorrectly when the value contains a punctuation character
  • QR Barcode does not respect tilde character (~)
  • Report document is not resolved correctly from URI with parameters


  • Filter's IN operator works only with collections returned from Array() function or user function
  • Format function does not work when used in report parameter properties


  • Report Footer displayed at the top of the page when PrintAtBottom is set to true
  • "Index was outside the bounds of the array" error is shown in PrintPreview mode
  • PageBreak is ignored if report section has zero height

HTML Rendering

  • Graph title with underlined text is not displayed correctly in HTML5 Viewer
  • Tooltips are not displayed correctly in ASP.NET web viewer

PDF Rendering

  • Borders have inconsistent width when BorderColor is set using Color.FromArgb method

Excel Rendering

  • Report Units are converted incorrectly in Excel units resulting in wider Excel columns

PowerPoint Rendering

  • Borders are drawn outside the page area


  • The service fails to deliver the Document Map details to desktop viewers


  • Cascading parameters are not updated correctly when their value uses the built-in aggregate function First()
  • Error 'Document with ID 'XXX' not found.' when you navigate back to a report with parameter having Datetime.Now value
  • Graph tooltips are not displayed when hovering over datapoint label inside a datapoint
  • Inconsistent behavior when report is displayed in Print preview with different versions of jQuery

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