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During the last Q we have improved the designers (also called wizards) of 20 of our controls. By adding more and more properties to the wizard it is now even easier to configure the controls in design time. Most of the changes are made to big controls like Telerik’s ASP.NET GridView and PivotGrid, which have lots of properties to configure. Also, we have created complete wizard for the Barcode control, including all settings for regular barcodes and QRcodes. The ListView and TreeList controls also had a lots of new properties added into the designer.

Minor improvements are also made for the AjaxManager and AjaxPanel, BinaryImage, Calendar, DatePicker, MonthYearPicker, DataPager, Filter, DateInput, MaskedTextBox, NumericTextBox, TextBox, and SkingManager.

It will be too long to mention all the improvements that we have made in this post, so I will cover few of them that I believe are one of the most significant. For the Grid we have added several more tabs like: Grouping, Export, Hierarchy, Sorting and Validation settings. A dozen of properties inside the old tabs ware added too. So here is how the new Exporting Settings tab looks like:

RadGrid Configuration Wizard

Even if you are not familiar with the properties used when exporting, once you see the wizard, you will get pretty good overview of them and their possible values. We have placed a dropdown for each of the enums to avoid possible typing mistakes. You will see the most commonly used properties and if they are not known for you, check our help articles to get familiar with. Similar tab for the export settings was added to the RadTreeList as well. Speaking of the RadTreeList, it is also one of the controls, which received several new tabs in their designers and dozens of properties added.

To open the Designer (also called Configuration Wizard) of the RadBarcode, you just have to click on the smart tag of the control inside the Design view to open the Action List and choose “Open Configuration Wizard”


For the Barcode control you will see Wizard with 2 tabs: one for the general settings and such for the QR Code rendering settings, as shown in the screenshots below.



As you could see, we have exposed all settings that you might need to set to make your coding as easier as possible.

The action lists of some controls are also improved. The RadBinaryImage won the competition here with getting 10 new properties in the list as you can see below. And new properties were added into the Action List of controls like RadInputManager, RadCalendar, RadDatePicker, and RadDateInput.

I hope you enjoy the improved configuration wizards, and I would be glad to hear any feedback. So try them out and let us know what you think and what else that you want to see inside them.

About the Author

Vasil Raev

 was a Software Developer at Telerik's ASP.NET AJAX divisions.

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