• Mobile

    How to Create ListView with Groups and Parallax Effect

    Create a list with items shown in groups and parallax effect with the Android Support Design Library and the Telerik ListView for Android.
    September 17, 2015
  • Mobile

    Mobile Design Tools and the Future of Telerik AppPrototyper

    With the introduction of Screen Builder, we took some time to evaluate our entire Platform story in order make sure that the products we’re putting “in the box” deliver the most value to you, and align to our long-term plans. In this post, I'll share more about the history of design tools in the Platform, and what this means for the future.
  • .NET Mobile

    How to design a Windows 8 Metro style app starting from an existing Windows Phone app – Part 2

    Welcome to the second blog where we talk about the main similarities and differences between the design guidelines of the Windows 8 and the Windows Phone platforms and what this means to designers and developers. In the  first blog post we covered: Design process Layout and navigation In this part we will take a deeper look at: Commands and actions Touch Orientation and views Notifications and live tiles Telerik upcoming Windows 8 suite You can download the full series as: high resolution pdf  (~7 MB), or low resolution pdf (~2 MB).
  • .NET Mobile

    Office2010 skins now available for RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX

    As Q2 2011 official release is on its way we would like to share with you part of the visuals the AJAX teams have been working on lately: Office2010 Blue, Silver and Black skins       The Office2010 appearance is a natural continuation of the Outlook and Office2007 skins. It resembles Microsoft® Office® 2010 look and feel, bringing to the AJAX world the ultimate Office-like web experience. Unlike our Office2007 skin, which is available in Blue theme only, we are now releasing all three Office2010 variations. Making use of the distinctive colors and smooth gradients, just a scroll away – see the new Office2010...
  • .NET Mobile

    MVC design template

    We have just uploaded a contribution to Microsoft’s MVC design contest – a web-design template free for all to use with the MVC framework. Our entry is a clean, simple, blue-themed web-design generic enough to fit a broad range of scenarios. Please feel free to download and jumpstart your next project. We thought the contest was a great way to further support our clients in their switch to the MVC. Our RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX already boasts full support for the MVC (see live demo, join our forums), so we thought providing an out-of-the-box design solution is a logical next step. Initiatives like this...
    February 11, 2009