Progress Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX


  • Insert, Update and Delete

    Provide the ability for users to insert new, edit existing or even delete data from your data source.
  • Data Binding

    Retrieve data for the tree list control via declarative data sources and custom business objects.
  • Paging, Sorting and Selection

    Enable users to page and sort the data bound to the control. Additionally, single, multiple, or recursive selection modes are available.
  • Column Interactions

    Enable users to interact with columns by resizing or hiding them, providing the power for their view of the data to be customized.
  • Keyboard Support

    Provide your users with the ability to navigate through all of the items in the TreeList using their keyboard. Actions such as expanding, collapsing, editing and paging can all be done via keyboard.
  • View Complex Hierarchical Data With Ease

    Utilize the hybrid power between a TreeView, with its hierarchical structure, and a column structure often found in a Grid.
  • Excel and PDF Export

    Export the full content of the list-view control into PDF and Excel. Customize the exported file to include exactly the content that is needed.

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