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In this post, we will see some glimpses of .NET Conf 2019 along with what is happening with the latest release of .NET Core — version 3 preview 9, which was announced last week, on September 4th.


Note that these are early releases before the .NET Core major release of version 3, which is going to be launched during .NET Conf. The free event is organized by Microsoft and runs September 23 to 25. This also means preview 9 mainly involves polishing before the major version 3 release.

.NET Conf 2019

.NET Conf is one of the major events for the .NET community, which provides live streaming of different .NET sessions given by the community or the .NET product team.

.NET Core 3.0 will be launched during .NET Conf, so this also means preview 9 is the last release before major version 3 releases.

There will be around 75 live sessions, featuring speakers selected from all over the world. Different cities organize local events related to .NET Conf, so you may want to check for such events in your city [here](

You have a chance to win some cool prizes by visiting Twitter with hashtag #dotNETConf where you can answer questions to win prizes from Microsoft partners, interact with the community, and talk about all the new announcements.

It is free to attend these live sessions, so if you are keen to know what is going on with the Microsoft stack and know what is coming in the future, I recommend you attend those sessions.

You can find more details here: I recommend you tune in as much as you can those days!

Major Features coming with .NET Core 3.0

There are many awesome features coming with .NET Core 3.0. I remember writing about .NET Core 3 one year ago when it was announced for the first time, and since then many nice features have been added for this major release.

Here are some of the major features coming with .NET Core 3.

● Windows desktop, WPF and winforms support in .NET Core

● Support for the newest version of C# (8.0)

● MSIX deployment and self-contained EXE executable

●  Support for .Net Standard 2.1

● Winforms with high DPI

● Fast built-in JSON support

● HTTP/2 support

● Support for AES-GCM and AES-CCM cryptography ciphers

● Tiered compilation

● Performance improvements

IDE for Preview 9

Visual Studio code always updates its C# extension to support the latest .NET Core version. Just make sure you have the latest version of C# extension.

Though most of the previews for .NET Core 3 work in Visual Studio 2019 16.2, the .NET team suggests upgrading to 16.3 for best results.

Microsoft .NET Site is Using Latest Preview 9

The [.Net site]( is always updated with the latest .NET Core version, so this should mean it is safe to put the latest version in production. But please test thoroughly before you do.

Got Issues with .NET Core 3? Report Them to the Team!

The .NET Core 3.0 release is very near, so if you face any issues with latest .NET core version, please file a [GitHub issue]( and/or contact [Microsoft support](

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