Telerik UI for WPF

Release History

UI for WPF Q1 2012

February 15, 2012


  • An exception was thrown when you changed the ItemsSource and you bound the CurrentItem
  • Could not control the Path and the CurrentItem when the nodes differed only by the letter case


  • Fixed StackOverflowException when binding AdditionalComparativeMeasures
  • Refactored FeaturedMeasure and ProjectedMeasure to be rendered as part of ContentControl instead of ItemsControl


  • Incorrect behavior when you initially had IsEnabled = false
  • IsEnabled property should be with higher priority than returned value from CanExecute method of a Command
  • Buttons didn't recognize access keys in ExpressionDark
  • Space key had to be hit twice when editing DropDownContent of a DropDownButton
  • The DropDown arrow of the DropDownButton didn't change its visual state when the DropDownButton was disabled
  • DropDownButtons did not work correctly with TextBoxes in their DropDownContent


  • Navigation improvements: added keyboard navigation shortcuts for several new keys
  • Added DecimalSeparator property
  • Fixed: RadCalculator adds unneeded zeroes after floating point in some scenarios.
  • Fixed: MemoryValue does not accept negative numbers
  • Fixed: Wrong display string for the reciprocal operation
  • Fixed: In some cases IsDropDownOpen="True" causes NullReferenceException on RadCalculatorPicker


  • Fixed "Theming resource not found" exception in specific scenarios
  • Fixed binding output error in 3D chart


  • Added support for multiple axes. Additional horizontal / vertical axes can be specified through the CartesianSeries.HorizontalAxis / VerticalAxis properties
  • Added support for colorization of all axis elements (line, ticks, labels and title) with a single Axis.ElementBrush property
  • Added option to customize the position of horizontal / vertical axes through the Axis.HorizontalLocation / VerticalLocation enumeration properties
  • Added AxisPlotMode.OnTicksPadded option useful for financial scenarios (behaves in the same way as AxisPlotMode.OnTicks but leaves half a step whitespace on both ends of the plotarea)
  • Added default plot mode association for all cartesian chart series types (BetweenTicks for bar series, OnTicksPadded for financial series, OnTicks for linear series)
  • Fixed zoom precision issues in pan / zoom scenarios for RadCartesianChart
  • Fixed axis title positioning in pan / zoom scenarios for RadCartesianChart
  • Fixed axis stripes positioning in pan / zoom scenarios for RadCartesianChart
  • Fixed initial panzoombar appearance for zoomed/non-zoomed RadCartesianChart
  • Fixed issues with preset PanOffset / Zoom values in pan / zoom scenarios for RadCartesianChart
  • Fixed tooltip behavior not working properly in pan / zoom scenarios for RadCartesianChart
  • Fixed selection behavior not working properly in pan / zoom scenarios for RadCartesianChart
  • Fixed dependency property change notification not raised for RadCartesianChart.Zoom property (scenario with two charts that are synced on their Zoom value did not work)
  • Fixed LogarithmicAxis not starting from 1 when visualizing values greater than 1
  • Fixed LogarithmicAxis not visualizing values greater than 0 and less than or equal to 1
  • Fixed LogarithmicAxis should always use hardcoded exponent step equal to 1 (unless the user has specified LogarithmicAxis.DesiredTicksCount value)
  • Fixed radial axes' labels positioning & pie series item label positioning
  • Fixed TrackBallInfoControl entries not updated properly when adding / removing chart series
  • Fixed rendering issue when the axis range is restrictive to the series data range
  • Fixed series overlapping axes issue in RadCartesianChart
  • Fixed exception in PolarChart Grid when the chart is very small
  • Fixed Candlestick / Ohlc series items not rendering properly when all Open, High, Low, Close components are equal
  • Fixed empty RadCartesianChart not raising RadDragAndDrop manager events
  • Fixed chart invalidate call scheduled while the control is in "unloaded" state might get lost under specific conditions
  • Fixed Bar series erroneously visualized when all series items are equal to zero
  • Fixed issue when toggling ChartSeries.ItemsSource with different ChartDataSource instances, the old data points are not cleared properly thus resulting in an erroneous series rendering
  • Fixed InvalidOperationException when associating the same ChartDataSource instance with ChartSeries more than once
  • Fixed issue with ChartDataSource replace operation (due to a Silverlight bug OldStartIndex always equals -1 for replace)
  • RadCartesianChart.SelectionChanged event moved to ChartSelectionBehavior class
  • LogarithmicAxis.MajorStep property is replaced by LogarithmicAxis.ExponentStep property (properly named API for configuring the exponential step of a log axis)


  • Initial Color functionality
  • PreviousColor was not shown in run time when SelectedColor was set to "White" and PreviousColor was also set
  • When negative value was set in any of the MaskedInput fields, the value became -0 instead of 0


  • Added option to define custom RGB/HSL colors
  • Added custom color selector based on Blend
  • Added Gradient color palette
  • Setting AutomaticColor did not work in Expression Dark theme and Metro Theme


  • Improved the automation peers
  • ComboBox ControlTemplate ammendments: replaced PickerTextBox with a TextBox
  • The EditableTextBox text was not updated when CanAutocompleteSelectItems=true, IsFilteringEnabled=true and the control lost the focus


  • One instance of RadContextMenu can now be attached on multiple elements
  • When RadContextMenu is attached on multiple elements and opened with IsOpen=true then PlacementTarget must be specified
  • RadContextMenu and RadMenu will close on LeftAlt, RightAlt or F10 key down (WPF)
  • GetClickedElements now returns elements in Popup
  • RadContextMenu will toggle open/close on Apps (contextmenu) key-up
  • When SubMenu or RadContextMenu is opened with keyboard (or with IsOpen=true) and mouse appears over RadMenuItem then this RadMenuItem will not be focused/highlighted until mouse move
  • UIELement property now returns null when RadContextMenu is closed. When opened returns the element that caused RadContextMenu to open
  • If RadContextMenu is closed then GetClickedElement will return default(T)
  • MousePoint property will return new Point(double.NaN, double.NaN) when RadContextMenu is closed

Core Improvements

  • PlacementMode enumeration is now with almost all options available in WPF (without Custom)
  • PopupPlacement class can be used to control popup placement using all avaialbe PlacementModes no matter of FlowDirection & Browser zoom
  • Telerik.Windows.Input.MouseButtonEventArgs Original source is now correct
  • DragDropManager.AllowCapturedDrag now works in Silverlight. This method is useful when nested element is capturing the mouse (e.g. ListBoxItem that has CheckBox inside its visual tree)
  • Fixed - Setting DragDropManager.AllowDrag=True for CheckBox allow this checkbox to be checked (e.g. before drag operation start)


DataBars are a graphic representation of various indicators, such as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). For example you can display graphic indicators that visually convey the overall success or failure of an organization in its efforts to achieve a particular goal. The DataBars can be based on a collection of key performance indicators (KPIs), each of which represents an aspect of organizational performance. For more details please check the DataBar product page.


  • Deleted the obsolete RadDataFilter.ItemProperties and FilterOperatorsLoadingEventArgs.ItemPropertyInfo properties.


  • Improved item-level validation for RIA entities
  • Fixed: Autogenerated DataFormDataFields (TextBox) do not update their UI properly when item is a FormatException occurs and IEditableObject.CancelEdit is invoked
  • Fixed: In some isolated cases, validation errors permanently block RadDatform’s commit operation
  • Fixed: In some cases, item-level validation errors are not properly removed from the validation summary
  • Fixed: IsThreeState property of DataFormCheckBoxField is not respected


  • ParseDateTimeValue event was not firing when custom DateTimeFormat was set and the string was not a date
  • Wrong parsing when used AM/PM (RadDateTimePicker didn't parse AM/PM correctly)
  • SelectedValue was bound TwoWay by default
  • SelectionOnFocus property added (DateTimePicker TextBox didn't correctly select when clicked with the Mouse)
  • When the browser was zoomed, the DateTimePicker popup was displaced


The Diagram control provides a framework (С†ontrols and APIs) to ease the creation of rich diagraming visualizations. With this Beta release you will be able to create Organizational, Class and Flow diagrams, as well as many others. For more details please check the Diagram product page.


  • Null ref exception in RadPaneAutomationPeer.GetNameCore()
  • When a pane was docked in a floating ToolWindow, dragged out and docked again both disappear
  • Silverlight 5 Pane header template crashed when the pane is undocked
  • BindingExpression errors when dragging a ToolWindow
  • IGeneratedItemsFactory did not ensure custom items in some circumstances
  • Specific combination of docking panels caused the floating window to disappear
  • ToolWindow disappeared when two floating panes dock in each other
  • RadPane header didn't update after loading layout
  • Click on the toolwindow header didn't activate the pane
  • RadPaneGroup was not throwing GotFocus event when one clicked outside the RadDock and then back in


GanttView will empower you to visualize and manage hierarchical project data in a MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) friendly way. The control is built with performance in mind taking advantage of data and UI virtualization to achieve fast scrolling and navigation through thousands of items. With the GanttView control you’ll be able to visualize different item types like regular tasks, milestones, summaries and the relations between these items. For more details please check the GanttView product page.


  • Added GaugeRange.Visibility property
  • It is no longer necessary to name an indicator in order to get it animated
  • Fixed issue when bar indicator is not visible when placed inside the Indicators group
  • Fixed issue with Needle.TailHeight in specific scenarios
  • Fixed issues with range groups in Silverlight 5


  • Added: HasValidationErrors public property to use instead Validation.HasErrors in templates. The new property return true if any child element has validation error (CellTemplate scenario)
  • Added: ICustomTypeProvider MemberAccess, Sort and Filter support (SL5 only)
  • Added: CommitCellEdit command for RadGridView
  • Added: DataItemCollection.ItemType property which can be used to set a specific type for all data engine operations
  • Added: RadGridView now includes merged headers when exporting to xls, csv, html and text
  • Added: GridViewColumn.FilterMemberPath property
  • Added: GridViewExpressionColumn filtering
  • Added: Added the DistinctValueViewModel.RawValue property
  • Added: Comparison filtering (<, <=, >, >=) for string columns
  • Added: Standalone (external) FilteringDropDown control
  • Fixed: Reopening the filtering control after a runtime theme change results in an exception
  • Fixed: Aggregate functions without a specified SourceFieldType throw an exception when RadGridView is bound to a DataTable
  • Fixed: GridViewExpression column is not correctly updated when RadGridView.ItemsSource is set at run-time
  • Fixed: RadGridView grouped via generic GroupDescriptor might throw when paged by RadDataPager
  • Fixed: Cell validation messages are doubled when validation is performed via IDataErrorInfo
  • Fixed: Row validation is not applied on initial row load
  • Fixed:Grid cells will not show data in Visual Studio designer
  • Fixed: Flickering on horizontal scroll with merged headers and frozen columns
  • Fixed: Hang when grid is scrolled to bottom and window resized
  • Fixed: FrozenColumnSplitter and RowIndicator misaligned-Metro
  • Fixed: ScrollIntoView takes too long in grouped scenario
  • Fixed: Handle column width update when property chagned is raised
  • Fixed: ShowColumnWhenGrouped = false caused badly rendered merged column headers when the user groups
  • Fixed: Null refference exception when a column did not have columngroupname specified
  • Fixed: Visual glitch - when column headers visible, the heder cells were shifted with a pixel to the righta and missaligned with column gridlines
  • Fixed: Visual glitch-merged column headers in Expression and Metro themes
  • Fixed: Null refference exception in merged headers
  • Fixed: Merged header now falls back to its name when header content is not given
  • Fixed: Missalignent of common headers when resizing columns with frozen columns and reordering
  • Fixed: Selection and editing problems when BO.GetHashCode() is overriden
  • Fixed: A new cell/row is selected if you press a selected one and start moving the mouse without releasing it
  • Fixed: Rendering 3d and above level common headers failed misplacing some of the headers in certain scenarios
  • Fixed: Invalid value exception with merged columns, frozen columns and horizontal scroll
  • Fixed: right border of merged column headers was clipped when resizing column to a width smaller than content
  • Fixed: Null reference exception when new row is added and GridViewExpressionColumn is used
  • Fixed: Memory leaks in grouped scenario
  • Fixed: At certain nesting scanarios meged headers failed to render the header content
  • Fixed: Exception thrown from value converters are not handled as validation errors
  • Fixed: An item is not unselected on moving the mouse while clicking on it
  • Fixed: Missing style TreeListViewDragCue
  • Fixed: Validation when ValidationSummary control is used
  • Fixed: Exception is thrown when hiding a column with merged headers, frozen columns and trying to resize
  • Fixed: Aggregates are not copied
  • Fixed: An exception occured when trying to add merged headers in code , without any headers defined in XAML previously
  • FIxed: Out of range exception when column groups were cleared runtime
  • Fixed: Fake multiple current cells are shown when the root item is a derived type form the type of the child items
  • The ToggleButton inside the FilteringDropDown control has been replaced by a plain Button
  • Filtering API
In order to enable filtering for our GridViewExpressionColumn, we had to rewrite our entire filtering infrastructure from scratch. We have made as few breaking changes as possible, but some of them were inevitable, for which we would like to apologize. Here is the list of the breaking changes that you should be aware of. Do not hesitate to write us if you are having problems with upgrading your project. We will do our best to assist you.
  • The IFilteringControl.Prepare method now expects the more general type GridViewColumn instead of a GridViewBoundColumnBase as its argument. If you were relying on GridViewBoundColumnBase-specific methods or properties you will have to add a check and a cast
  • The GridViewDistinctValuesLoadingEventArgs.Column property is now of the more general type GridViewColumn. If you were relying on GridViewBoundColumnBase-specific methods or properties you will have to add a check and a cast in your DistinctValuesLoading event handler
  • The GridViewDataControl.GetDistinctValues family of methods now accept a GridViewColumn instead of an IDataFieldDescriptor as their first parameter
  • The EditorCreatedEventArgs.Column is now of the more general type GridViewColumn. If you were relying on GridViewBoundColumnBase-specific methods or properties you will have to add a check and a cast in your DistinctValuesLoading event handler
  • The FilterOperatorsLoadingEventArgs.Column property is now of type GridViewColumn instead of IDataFieldDescriptor
  • The ColumnFilterDescriptor class has been made internal. Use the IColumnFilterDescriptor interface instead. It contains all relevant properties and methods
  • You can't directly instantiate a ColumnFilterDescriptor anymore since the class has been made internal. When you access the GridViewColumn.ColumnFilterDescriptor property, it will be automatically created on demand by the column and you will be given an IColumnFilterDescriptor to work with. For example: IColumnFilterDescriptor cfd = myColumnInstance.ColumnFilterDescriptor;
  • The IColumnFilterDescriptor.Column property is now of type GridViewColumn instead of IDataFieldDescriptor
  • The IColumnFilterDescriptor.DistinctFilter property is now of type IDistinctValuesFilterDescriptor instead of DistinctValuesFilterDescriptor
  • The IColumnFilterDescriptor.FieldFilter property is now of type IFieldFilterDescriptor instead of FieldFilterDescriptor
  • The DistinctValuesFilterDescriptor class has been made internal. It is not supposed to be used directly from your code. Use the IDistinctValuesFilterDescriptor interface instead
  • The FieldFilterDescriptor class has been made internal. It is not supposed to be used directly from your code. Use the IFieldFilterDescriptor interface instead
  • If you were using code from the GridViewCustomSerialization PersistenceFramework example, please update it according to the updated example
  • The GridViewDataControl.OnFiltering method is marked as obsolete now. It is not supposed to be used directly from your code and will be made internal in a future realease
  • The GridViewDataControl.OnFiltered method is marked as obsolete now. It is not supposed to be used directly from your code and will be made internal in a future realease
  • Programmatic Filtering Upgrade
    • Filtering a Column
      • Old Code:
        GridViewColumn ageColumn = this.radGridView.Columns["Age"];
        ColumnFilterDescriptor ageColumnFilter = new ColumnFilterDescriptor(ageColumn);
        // ...
        ageColumnFilter.FieldFilter.Filter1.Operator = FilterOperator.IsLessThan;
        ageColumnFilter.FieldFilter.Filter1.Value = 10;
        // ...
      • New Code:
        GridViewColumn ageColumn = this.radGridView.Columns["Age"];
        // Getting it from the property will create it and associate it with its column automatically.
        IColumnFilterDescriptor ageColumnFilter = ageColumn.ColumnFilterDescriptor;
        // ...
        ageColumnFilter.FieldFilter.Filter1.Operator = FilterOperator.IsLessThan;
        ageColumnFilter.FieldFilter.Filter1.Value = 10;
        // ...
        // There is no need to manually add the column filter to this.radGridView.FilterDescriptors
        // When the column filter is activated/deactivated it is automatically added/removed to this collection.
    • Clearing a Column Filter
      • Old Code:
      • New Code:
        // Calling ClearFilter will automatically remove filter descriptor from the grid.
    • Clearing All RadGridView Filters
      • Old Code:
      • New Code:
        foreach (var column in this.radGridView.Columns)


With the ListBox controls you can create fully customizable single- or multi-selection lists. For more details please check the ListBox product page.


  • Added support for new VirtualizationLayer – InformationLayer that supports virtualization of the information items based on geographical location and zoom factor
  • Added new WmsTiledProvider for the WMS servers (GeoServer)
  • Added support for RenderTransform / RenderTransformOrigin on MapShape instances
  • Fixed issue with changing the providers list dynamically in runtime
  • Fixed SqlGeospatialDataReader property binding support from current data context
  • Fixed issue with MapPolyline instances not cleared properly when their collections of locations are removed
  • Fixed issue with programmatically created MapGeometryGroup clears the list of figures in the child geometries
  • Fixed issue with horizontal and vertical MapLines not rendering correctly for certain zoom levels
  • Fixed issue with ColorMeasureScale in specific scenarios
  • Fixed issues with getting focus for keyboard events after mouse click and mouse doubleclick was performed on RadMap
  • Fixed issues with binding of the MapGeometry properties


  • Enabling the control after disable state didn't work properly
  • Entering negative values when the MaskedInputExtensions.Minimum property was set 0 caused unexpected behavior
  • If the MaskedNumeric/CurrencyInput value was selected and '-' was entered, the old value wasn't cleared
  • If the value of the masked control was changed while the control was disabled, the values wasn't rendered properly
  • The Culture.NumberFormat.Percent Patterns weren't properly applied in the MaskedNumeric/CurrenyInput controls
  • The Mask wasn't properly applied when the MaskedDateTimeInput control was used in the ControlTemplate of a CustomControl
  • Wrong behavior of MaskedTextInput when 'Esc' was pressed


  • Playlist height is not limited when in fullscreen mode


  • RadMenuItem Template was not correct when RadMenu was placed in a Popup
  • When expanded RadMenuItem that was not Root item with the keyboard and the mouse was placed over the expanded items, keyboard navigation didn't go to the expanded items
  • RadMenuItem should not be highlighted when submenu was opened with keyboard
  • The template was not correct when RadMenu was placed in DropDownButton as DropDownContent


  • Typing a number that was larger than Maximum (or smaller than Minimum) did not update the property that was bound to a Value


  • Add a possibility to programmatically move the items in the minimized area


  • The children's names are not updated when HierarchicalDataTemplate is used and theme is changed


  • Implemented new filters and introduced API for registering custom filters
  • Support for most documents exported by major PDF authoring tools
  • Implemented clipping
  • Introduced commands and bindings to UI. Added customizable toolbar UI as a separate control. Demos available
  • Support for color spaces
  • Better image formats support. API for extending supported image formats
  • Added MVVM compatible API to manage the viewer
  • New better text rendering mechanism
  • More PDF elements supported: XObject, InlineImage, etc.
  • Fixed most of the compatibility problems reported by customers during the beta testing period
  • Fixed problem with positioning of path elements
  • Fixed problem with rotated pages
The control enables you to view PDF documents right within your WPF application without the need for an external viewer. You can also scroll, pan and zoom within loaded PDF files to get a better view of the content and enjoy low memory use and fast, responsive performance because visual elements are only created when visible. For more details please check the PDFViewer product page.


  • Added read-only mode for RadPropertyGrid and read-only mode for separate PropertyDefinitions. API Changes:
    • RadPropertyGrid: added IsReadOnly property
    • PropertyDefinition: added IsReadOnly property
  • Added hierarchical filtering of nested properties (search in nested properties). API Changes:
    • RadPropertyGrid: added SearchInNestedProperties property.
  • Added a default editor for System.Windows.Media.Color
  • Added DataAnnotations attributes support: ReadOnly, Browsable, Category, Description, Order, Display
  • Added Basic validation support for PropertyGridField
  • Added AutoBind behavior for PropertyGridField DataTemplates. API Changes:
    • Added AutoBindBehavior type
  • Added DataTeplateSelector support for RadPropertyGrid. API Changes:
    • RadPropertyGrid : added EditorTemplateSelector property
  • Added Property sets feature (RadPropertyGrid supports binding to a collection of items, constructing union/intersection sets of properties). API Changes:
    • RadPropertyGrid : added PropertySetMode property
    • Added PropertySetOperation type
  • Removed BindingExpression path errors when RPG is bound to DynamicObject in Silverlight
  • Fixed: RadPropertyGrid auto-generates property definitions, even if AutogeneratePropertyDefinitions is false, when it is placed in a DataTemplate
  • Fixed: RadPropertyGrid auto-generates nested properties of Nullable types
  • Fixed: OrderIndex is not respected on nested properties
  • Fixed: Casting to Numeric types when RadPropertyGrid is bound to a DynamicObject (Silverlight)
  • Fixed: RadPropertyGrid reloads on PropertyChanged when working with Freezables
  • Fixed: null reference exception when using editor templates, while bound to a DynamicObject
  • Fixed: When nested properties are initially hidden, they cannot be loaded again
  • Fixed: Description in DescriptionPanel is not properly set on clicking on label filed of a nested PropertyGridField
  • Fixed: Description is not properly cleared, when changing RadPropertyGrid Item
  • Fixed: Blend support for PropertyGridField
  • Breaking change: RadPropertyGrid: NestedPropertiesVisibility is now of type System.Windows.Visibility
  • RadPropertyGrid now relies on Bindings when bound to a DynamicObject. Minor changes in user experience


Following what we already announced back in October 2010, as of Q1 2012 we will no longer ship the RadScheduler.dll. We strongly encourage all existing and new users to use RadScheduleView instead. We have been supporting the old RadScheduler for more than a year and it was time to move forward with the newer and more powerful RadScheduleView.


  • Initially WindowState="Maximized", then when you set it to WindowState="Normal" the keytips were not positioned correctly
  • Initially WindowState="Minimized", then when you set it to WindowState="Normal" the keytips were not showing
  • IsBackstageOpen property binding didn't work when set too early
  • KeyTips were not shown when they were set on controls placed in middle-row of the RibbonGroup
  • MouseWheel was not handled properly
  • Setting Collapsed Visibility on selected RadRibbonTab did not hide its Groups
  • The content of RadRibbonTabs was not displayed in certain situations
  • The KeyTips of collapsed elements were displayed
  • The QAT hid the RibbonWindow Icon
  • Variants logic was different in static and data binding scenarios


  • Multiple Sections support, various page orientations, even/odd section breaks, different Haders/Footers, UI to toggle Headers/Footer linking
  • Creating Custom Annotations, enhancements of Document Protection feature and other enhancements enabling Structured Content Editing scenario. New demo available related to this feature
  • FloatingImageBlocks in FlowLayoutMode, resembling HTML floating blocks. Floating image blocks in Header/Footer
  • Many improvements related to styles. Default, Table, List styles import/export in docx and rtf formats. UI for managing table styles
  • Silverlight 5 vector printing
  • Various performance improvements related to UI, scrolling, annotation ranges etc
  • Added ActiveDocumentEditor property and ActiveDocumentEditorChanged event to allow easier customizations of Header/Footer
  • Better Integration with Test Studio and Testing Framework
  • Extensibility point related to supported Image Formats
  • Show all supported image extensions in InsertPictureCommand
  • Show ImageMiniToolBar when a floating image is selected
  • Export the document in HTML that is compatible with HtmlTextBox from Reporting
  • Applying font style to selected empty table cells threw a NullReference exception
  • Couldn't copy/paste image from IE to WPF
  • Tabs exported by DocxFormatProvider were lost on import
  • Issues related to import of complex Tables from docx
  • DocumentInheritsDefaultStyleSettings property values weren't exported correctly in HTML
  • HtmlFormatProvider: Underlines were not exported in the default export
  • Images that changed extension during import were not exported with their original extension (docx and rtf)
  • Increasing the left indent of a paragraph should be limited. It was possible to make all the text disappear
  • Missing localization keys
  • Style with RTL was not shown properly in style gallery and manage styles dialog
  • XamlSerializer exported numbers with current culture instead of invariant
  • Native Silverlight printing when there were headers/footers/comments in the document
  • PdfFormatProvider: When there were nested tables in the document, the borders of the inner table were not exported to PDF
  • DocxFormatProvider: Wrong export of strikethrough text to docx
  • DocxFormatProvider: Default style didn’t use default docx values
  • Tooltip description of styles shows wrong info
  • The comments in RadRichTextBox had vertical scrollbars


  • Timeruler in Timeline didn't get updated when GroupTickLength property changed at runtime
  • The two DatePickers in Reccurent dialog were not localized
  • Recurrent appointment that ocurred every two days was not exported correctly
  • When today is the first day of the month the CurrentText in Timeline was not displayed properly


  • Slider's thumb couldn't reach to the end of the slider when tick template was set


  • Fixed NullReferenceException in design-time


  • AllowDragReorder set to true broke the Mouse Selection in a TextBox in a TabItem's Content
  • When the TabControl was placed in a star-sized row/column the tabs could not be reordered and an exception was thrown when trying to drag a TabItem from a parent to a child TabControl


  • Added HeaderStyle property to RadTileViewItem
  • Changing the Visibility property of a TileViewItem didn't reorder other TileViewItems
  • BindingExpression error was thrown in the Output in certain DataBinding scenarios
  • In binding scenarios if you set a newly added item to be maximized you got wrong layout
  • Infinity exception when items removed
  • Refreshing the ItemsSource collection of virtualized TileView with auto RowHeight hides items
  • TilesPositionChanged event was triggered twice when DragMode was "Swap" in WPF
  • Add HeaderStyle property to RadTileViewItem
  • There's a glitch in WPF when you started dragging the first time


  • Exposed RadTimeBar.SliderStyle property for easy customization of the slider component
  • Exposed RadTimeBar.SelectionThumbStyle property for easy customization of the selection thumb
  • Exposed RadTimeBar.SelectionVisibilityIndicatorStyle property for easy customization of the selection visibility indicator
  • Improved design-time support from Property Grid
  • Fixed SelectionThumb title when no selection is made


The TimeLine control enables you to visualize sequences of events and timelines in a user friendly manner. You can represent various occurrences like biographical data, historical events, or any other story you need to present in a timeline format over a specified period of time. The first official version will allow intuitive visualization, lightweight scrolling and easy navigating. It will also support intervals, zoom and rich set of events. For more details please check the TimeLine product page.


  • The foreground of a nested TextBox was too light in Metro theme


  • The IsDropPreviewLineEnabled property was not shown in the Properties Window
  • When a ContextMenu was opened, the TreeViewItem behind continued to be in a MouseOver state
  • SelectedItem property description was wrong


  • RadWindow raised NullReferenceException in the designer in Silverlight 5
  • RadWindow size was not correct when Maximized in Xbap
  • Dragged window was not on topmost

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