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New Control: WPF OfficeNavigationBar

Meet the newest member of the Telerik UI for WPF suite: the OfficeNavigationBar. This is a powerful control for adding the Microsoft Outlook look and feel to your app’s navigation. Navigation items can contain text, image or a combination of text and image. The control features convenient peek functionality visualized as a customizable popup. It can host WPF controls, allowing users to get a tab preview or execute commands directly from the popup.

See the WPF OfficeNavigationBar docs

WPF OfficeNavigationBar Control Overview

WPF Map Improvement: Vector Tiles Support

With R1 2023, the WPF Map control now supports vector tiles, allowing you to use a vector tile provider and draw enhanced maps. The vector tiles are optimized for caching, scaling and serving map imagery rapidly, which significantly improves the application performance.

WPF Chart View Enhancement: Histogram Series Type

This new ChartView series is designed to enable you to generate a histogram—a bar graph that represents a frequency distribution. The X axis represents an interval, and the Y axis represents the corresponding frequency.

WPF ChartView Control showing Histogram series type

WPF Chart View Improvement: Support for Axes Rendering When No Data Is Available

We have expanded the ChartView functionalities with support for axes rendering when no data is available. This will help you meet user scenarios where you want to visualize a portion of the ChartView to indicate its existence when there is data source.

WPF Chart View Control Support for axes rendering when no data is available

WPF ScheduleView Enhancement: Support for Resource Virtualization

With the R1 2023 release, the ScheduleView control is enhanced with resource virtualization support that brings improved performance to your application. Resource virtualization is useful when you operate with a large number of resources in your ScheduleView-based app and want to render the resource list faster.

WPF ScheduleView Control showcasing Resource Virtualization Support

WPF ComboBox Improvement: Enable AutoComplete Partial Matches Selection API

This new Telerik UI for WPF ComboBox functionality makes it so that an item gets selected as you are typing the word. You can enable this behavior with ease thanks to an intuitive API.

See the WPF ComboBox docs: Select Partial Matches

WPF PivotGrid Control LoadOnDemand

WPF PivotGrid Enhancement: Load Data from OLAP Cube on Demand (Lazy Loading)

Users can perform many data operations within the WPF PivotGrid control itself. Occasionally, however, they may have to work with exceptionally large amounts of data using an OLAP Cube. With the R1 2023 update, you don’t have to worry about the control’s performance thanks to the OLAP Cube load on demand (lazy loading) feature.

See the WPF PivodGrid docs

WPF PivotGrid Control LoadOnDemand

WPF Day-Zero support for .NET 7

The Telerik UI for WPF team worked hard to ensure Day-Zero support for .NET 7. Take advantage of the new features and performance improvements. 


New WordsProcessing Feature: Add Table of Contents

This feature allows end users to add a Table of Contents to their documents. Additionally, WordsProcessing enables you to insert a table of contents in your RadFlowDocument document using heading styles, other specified styles, outline levels, captions or entries specified by TC (Table of Contents Entry) fields. The Table of Contents can be updated once there are changes made to the document in order to keep it accurate.

Document Processing Libraries Add Table of Contents

New PdfProcessing Feature: Support for Encryption Algorithm 5 with AES 256

Progress Telerik PdfProcessing supports Encryption Algorithm 5 with AES 256. Below is the list of encryption algorithms currently supported:

  • For import: RC4 (V2), AES-128 (AESV2), AES-256 (AESV3)
  • For export: RC4 (V2), AES-256 (AESV3)

The encryption algorithm can be managed using the EncryptionType property. For more information, please refer to the PDF Processing Export Settings.

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