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New Component: Splash Screen

The WinForms Splash Screen is the newest member of the suite. Its purpose is to indicate that an application is loading by showing a Splash Screen form. It allows you to display a Telerik-themed control and customize the image of the splash screen, its animations and loading process visualization.

Feature Highlights

  • Customizable image content – the control allows setting a splash screen image with ease.
  • Built-in progress bar – by default, the control shows an indeterminate Progress Bar, but you can easily change this and indicate loading progress or hide the progress indicator.
  • Customizable content/footer UI – the Splash Screen content/footer are easily customizable.
  • Animations – the control comes with out-of-the-box animations that can be modified, replaced or removed.
  • Rich set of themes – you can use the Telerik themes to modernize your UI or implement different designs that can be changed at runtime.

See the WinForms Splash Screen docs

WinForms SplashScreen Themes

New Component: Overlay

This WinForms Overlay component enables you to display a transparent window with a loading indicator over a form or a control. You will find this useful whenever a longer-running background process is being handled by the application. This makes the UI more informative and the user experience smoother.

Feature Highlights

  • Auto-Size – the overlay screen size is based on the size of the form/control on which it is placed.
  • Themable – the control supports all themes the Telerik WinForms suite provides.
  • Customizable - the Overlay control exposes an API that can be used to customize the default look of the overlay form per your requirements.

See the WinForms Overlay docs

WinForms Overlay Window

New Component: Flyout Screen

The WinForms Flyout Screen is an overlay that combines a message box and a pop-up control in one. If you want to notify the user that he needs to reenter his credentials to continue working on the application, this control is a perfect choice.

Feature Highlights

  • Auto-Size - the flyout screen size is based on the size of the user control placed inside its content area.
  • Themable - the control supports all themes provided by the Telerik WinForms suite.
  • Customizable - the ability to show custom user controls as the content of the Flyout Screen gives the user the freedom to customize the Flyout window per their requirements.

See the WinForms Flyout docs

WinForms FlayoutWindow

New Spreadsheet Enhancement: Charts Support

Data visualization and data summary capabilities in the workbook are improved thanks to the WinForms Spreadsheet charts support. This means that displaying charts and adding and removing chart objects in the spreadsheet documents is now possible.

Supported chart types:

  • Column Charts
  • Bar Charts
  • Line Charts
  • Pie & Donut Charts
  • Area Charts
  • Scatter and Bubble Charts

See the WinForms Spreadsheet Charts docs

WinForms Spreadsheet Control displaying Charts Support

New Distribution: .NET Framework 4.8

With R3 2022, the Telerik UI for WinForms suite now offers .NET 4.8 distribution and .NET 2.0 distribution was removed. Additionally, you can get the .NET Core projects of the Telerik source code.

New WordsProcessing Features: Page Numbering Fields & Shapes Support

With R3 2022, we’ve released new features across all Document Processing Libraries to support you better navigate your document formats. The new WordsProcessing features you can use are page numbering fields and shapes support. While field codes have been supported, now we’ve added functionality that allows you to update the PAGE, PAGEREF, NUMPAGES and SECTIONPAGES fields and easily calculate their result—Page Numbering fields.

The Shapes support feature allows you to easily insert or interact with existing shapes like circles, boxes, arrows and many others directly in your documents. You can style the inserted shapes by using gradient fills and various pattern outlines, as well as change the size of the shapes and rotate them. 

See the Document Processing LIbraries (DPL) docs for WordsProcessing Page Numbering Fields

See the DPL docs for WordsProcessing Shapes support

Xamarin DPL WordsProcessing Numbering Fields

New SpreadProcessing Feature: Repeat Specific Rows or Columns on Every Printed Page

This new feature enables you to specify a row or a column that will be repeated on every printed page.  

See the docs for SpreadProcessing: Repeat specific rows or columns on every printed page

DPL SpreadProcessing Repeat specific rows

New PdfProcessing features: Signature Flags Support & Export PDF Pages to Images

With the new PdfProcessing Signatureflags support functionality, you can specify that there is a signature even if the signature itself does not have a visual representation. With R3 2022, we’ve also added the ability to convert the pages of a .pdf document to images. Export PDF pages to images will work with the .NET Standard version and does not depend on any Windows libraries.

See the docs for PdfProcessing: Export PDF pages to images

See the docs for PdfProcessing: Signature flags support

DPL PdfProcessing Export document pages to images

New SpreadStreamProcessing Feature: SpreadStreamProcessing Import

With R3 2022, we’ve added SpreadStreamProcessing import functionality. It allows you to read large XLSX or CSV files without loading the entire document in memory. This improves performance and the memory footprint compared to the RadSpreadProcessing library.   

See the docs for SpreadStreamProcessing: SpreadStreamProcessing import

DPL SpreadStreamProcessing Import Document

Telerik UI for WinForms: Day-Zero Support for .NET 7

With the November 2022 update, we’ve released day-zero support for .NET 7 for all Telerik .NET products, including WinForms, and their respective Visual Studio extensions. In addition, we’ve updated the demos and project templates to .NET 7 and launched new components and improvements. With this instant support, you can either upgrade your existing projects, start a new project using .NET 7 and Telerik UI for WinForms right away or do both.

Telerik UI for WinForms: Day-Zero Support for .NET 7

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