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New Component: .NET MAUI Chat (Conversational UI)

The Telerik UI for .NET MAUI Chat component empowers you to build contemporary chat interactions within your .NET MAUI mobile and desktop applications. It can be integrated with different chatbot frameworks or it can adapt to facilitate peer-to-peer conversations. Offering a diverse range of customizable message formats like cards, pickers and suggestions, Chat enables you to effortlessly replace forms with an instinctive conversational UI. You can modify messages and cards to include text, images and other elements or incorporate details such as message timestamps, sender/recipient names, avatars and much more.

See the .NET MAUI Chat docs: Overview


New Component: .NET MAUI Calendar

With R2 2023, the Telerik UI for .NET MAUI suite gets a Calendar component. This advanced date input component is a great addition to your mobile and desktop apps as it can be used for appointment booking, scheduling or any form that requires user input in a date format. The Calendar component features scrolling and navigation capabilities, multiple views for enhanced user experience, flexible selection options, support for localization and globalization, blackout dates and much more.

See the .NET MAUI Calendar docs: Overview

NET MAUI Calendar Overview

New Component: .NET MAUI PDF Viewer

Read PDF documents straight in your mobile or desktop application thanks to the .NET MAUI PDF Viewer component. It eliminates the need for any external software installation or switching between different applications. The component ships with a powerful toolbar, offering convenient user interface. Additionally, the PDF Viewer offers multiple scrolling support options, selection capability, link annotations and more!

See the .NET MAUI PDF Viewer docs: Overview

NET MAUI PDF Viewer Overview

New Component: .NET MAUI RichTextEditor

Are you looking for an easy way to write and edit text on your mobile or desktop application? Look no further than the newly introduced Telerik UI for .NET MAUI RichTextEditor component. It empowers users to generate rich textual content using a comprehensive array of tools. These tools simplify the creation, editing and formatting of text, paragraphs, lists, hyperlinks and various other elements.

See the .NET MAUI RichTextEditor docs: Overview

NET MAUI Rich Text Editor Overview

New Component: .NET MAUI TreeView

The Telerik UI for .NET MAUI TreeView component is designed for the display, management and navigation of hierarchical data structures. It is commonly used for displaying file structures and organizational hierarchies or for facilitating navigation within mobile applications. Moreover, it provides extensive customization options and performance settings to handle large data sets efficiently.

See the .NET MAUI TreeView docs: Overview

NET MAUI TreeView Overview

New Component: .NET MAUI SlideView

Users can conveniently showcase custom content on individual pages and effortlessly switch between them thanks to the .NET MAUI SlideView component. Whether your goal is to create an image gallery, improve navigation within your .NET MAUI application, or design a step-by-step tutorial, the SlideView component offers a comprehensive set of features and customizable options to fulfill your requirements.

See the .NET MAUI SlideView docs: Overview

NET MAUI SlideView Overview for Desktop

.NET MAUI DataGrid Enhancement: DataTable Support

Тhe Telerik UI for .NET MAUI DataGrid component has been updated with DataTable support. You can bind your .NET MAUI DataGrid to a DataTable and access all its cool features, including adding, removing, selecting and editing item(s) as well as update the DataGrid’s ItemsSource. You can also perform commands and operations like filtering, sorting, grouping and selection.

See the .NET MAUI DataGrid docs: DataTable Suport

New .NET MAUI DataGrid Enhancement: Empty Template

With R2 2023, the Telerik UI for .NET MAUI DataGrid control has been equipped with Empty Template functionality. This feature enables you to inform end-users when the control has no data to display.

See the .NET MAUI DataGrid docs: Empty Template

NET MAUI DataGrid - Empty Template

.NET MAUI DataForm Custom Editors and Multiple Other Improvements

With R2 2023, the Telerik UI for .NET MAUI DataForm component is enhanced with Custom editors, improved validation API, flexible mechanism for editors’ configuration, added support for ignoring properties from the model and empty template that enables you to inform end-users when the control has no data to display.

NET MAUI DataForm Custom editors

Document Processing Libraries: Fixes and Quality Improvements

In the R2 2023 release, the Document Processing team prioritized an extensive range of bug fixes, aiming to deliver a higher level of quality for the library and enhance overall performance. There was 20+ bug fixes in the PDF Processing library alone.

The PdfProcessing library now provides an image compression setting that allows you to set the desired compression for the images when exporting. The available options are Default, None and FlateDecode. Additionally, there is a new default implementation for the ImageUtils` JpegImageConverter and ImagePropertiesResolver based on the SkiaSharp library.

New SpreadStreamProcessing Improvements: Support for Importing Rich Text as Plain Text

With R2 2023 Release, the SpreadStreamProcessing library allows importing rich text and reading it as plain text without the formatting.

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