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UI for Blazor 2.16.0

Aug 5, 2020


  • New Stock Chart
  • New ContextMenu Component
  • New Editor Component
  • New TreeList Component
  • Compatibility with Blazor WebAssembly 3.2.1
  • Themes Packages version - v.4.20.0
  • Unexpected build.config file showing up in Solution Explorer


  • Implement ContextMenu event for grid rows
  • Expose EventArgs on Grid click events
  • Event when hierarchy in the grid is collapsed or expanded
  • Cannot reorder columns after resetting the state
  • FilterRow throws when the Grid is using DetailTemplate
  • Clicking a non-editable cell in InCell edit mode alters row selection
  • OnRead can work with grouping
  • Custom filter is not cleared correctly when no descriptors are provided


  • Add candlestick and OHLC series types


  • Add Class parameter
  • Disabled items
  • Add menu line separators

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