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UI for Blazor 2.11.0

Apr 22, 2020


  • Support for nested fields for the ToODataString extension method
  • Compatibility with Blazor WebAssembly 3.2.0 Preview 4
  • Meaningful exceptions when Parameters with reference types receive a null value - include the parameter name
  • Async validation compatibility in all inputs
  • Ability to serialize the DataSourceRequest object


  • Improve calendar selection performance
  • Shift + ArrowKeys selection
  • FocusDate should not change on mouse down
  • Incorrect range selection when holding shift
  • Calendar always has 01/01/0001 date selected


  • Wrong text shown in the combo when the AllowCustom is false and Value is not in the Data collection
  • Value and Validation state do not update after changing the data and the Value manually


  • Specify grid column title using DisplayAttribute
  • Grid Autogenerated Columns
  • Column Virtualization
  • Support for nested (complex) models
  • GridCommandColumn breaks group footer template context
  • Infinite loop in SelectedItemsChanged when the grid is bound to a pre-filtered/sorted collection
  • Grid with Checkbox Column placed inside EditForm throws an error
  • Opening cells for editing (InCell edit mode) alters row selection
  • In InCell edit mode, Enter commits the cell, but then reopens it for edit immediately
  • InCell editing of boolean fields only commits with Enter, not with the mouse


  • Empty or null collection for the Data throws an ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. (Parameter 'source')


  • Pager throws on last page button click in WASM.


  • Month View
  • Scheduler throws on dbl click on empty time slot in WASM project
  • Scheduler throws on calendar selection in WASM project

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