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New Component: Grid

The Grid component is ready to roll right out of the box. We couldn’t imagine starting a UI library without one of your favorite components. You can enjoy many features like inline, popup and in-cell editing, along with row, column and edit templates, and even advanced features like paging and sorting data.


New Component: Charts

The Chart is another one of our most popular components. The chart types you have come to know and love are now available for our Blazor suite. Pick the Bar for data comparison, pick the Pie and Donut for visualizing parts of a whole, or for some trend analysis go for the Line or the Area series types.

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New Component: Drop Down List

A lightweight and highly-customizable dropdown list is the easiest way to let your users pick an option from a predetermined list. Developers can control the data, sizes and various appearance options like class and templates

Drop Down List Preview

New Component: Numeric Text Box

We now support a customizable, standard numerical input field with all the capabilities you are readily expecting – setting the expected range and steps, disabling non-numeric input, use different formats for currency, percentages or other units. 

Numeric Text Box Preview

New Component: Text Box

Customization, customization...customization! It is one of our core goals and highly sought-after quality of in all Telerik components. With our TextBox you can easily setup text input fields with complex behavior outside of simple HTML inputs. Control the text length or check if it matches your desired pattern. 

Textbox Preview

New Component: Date Input

You need a text input field, a numeric input field and of course you also need a date field. The DateInput widget enables you to enter date/time via direct input. It provides separate sections for day, month, year, hours and minutes. Furthermore, you can customize the date and time format by using standard format strings.

Date Input Preview

New Component: Window

Whether you want to alert the user about an error or present them with login options, the need to launch a new modal or non-modal window is a must. Add your own touch - change the window’s look, feel and behavior to make your new Blazor project more user friendly.   

Window Preview

New Component: Date Picker

Having a Date Picker component in our Blazor 1.0 release was a popular request. The widget allows users to effortlessly edit and select values directly into the input area or from a calendar popup. Combine date editing functionality and animated dropdown. The values of the two controls are synchronized to enable further change of the chosen date. 

Date Picker Preview

New Component: Button

To complete our selection of input controls, we also added button that can be easily styled. A mix of icons and custom CSS that can produce the perfect button for you app. 

Button Preview

New Component: Tab Strip

Tabs are a crucial piece of modern UI design and irreplaceable when it comes to reducing the amount of data visible on the screen at the same time. Our Blazor suit brings you this space saving component, so you can create new, beautiful and easy to navigate web applications.  

Tab Strip Preview

New Component: Animation Container

Add flare to your application with a single line of code. Enhance the user’s experience by choosing from 12 different animation styles without any special CSS or other code. Animate whatever element you wish and get a pixel-perfect result every time. 

Animation Container Preview

New Component: Calendar

The Calendar component allows the user to scroll through a calendar and select one or more dates. You can control to what level the user can zoom the calendar (for example, up to months or years), the minimum and maximum date the user can navigate to, and whether they can select one or more dates. 

We now support multiple day selection in its calendar timeline view! Selections can be made by range or by week. This allows you to create delightful experiences for the users of your professional web apps. 

Calendar Preview

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