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Official Support for Visual Studio 2019 Preview

Microsoft announced the availability of Visual Studio 2019 Preview in December and Progress announced support at the same time. Our team continues to provide updates and enhancements to ensure we offer Visual Studio users continued support, regardless of the version they are using.


TreeView Performance Boost

With R1 2019 we have taken significant steps to improve rendering and interaction time with the TreeView which is most noticeable in data intensive scenarios.  No need to work with any new configuration, everything has been improved under the hood!

New Component: MultiViewCalendar

Calendaring options are among the more popular funcationality we enable. Because of this, we’ve added the new MultiViewCalendar component, which enables developers to easily display two calendars side by side.


New Component: DateRangePicker

Date Range selection is a popular request. New in R1 2019, the DateRangePicker component provides the ability to pick a start and end date all within a single drop down menu.


Scaffolding and Support for Razor Pages in ASP.NET Core

With R1 2019 Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core has received several scaffold templates that can easily be added in to any project to help speed-up development. On top of this, we now also fully support Razor Pages to help cover more scenarios when developing with ASP.NET Core.


Continued Stability Enhancements

Progress is dedicated to continuously enhancing and improving all of our toolsets. To this end, with the R1 2019 release, we actively tackled and closed more bugs than were reported and reduced the overall number of issues for the suite.


New Component: ScrollView

The ScrollView UI component provides an easy way to present images in a predefined area. Multiple images can be scrolled through by using the navigation elements, or automatically scroll through them on a set time interval.


New Component: Switch

The Switch component, which lets the user toggle between checked and unchecked states,

is extremely popular in mobile and desktop applications alike. While previously available in the hybrid UI suite, the Switch component is now a part of the standard Kendo UI library.



New Component: Ripple

The ripple animation stems from the Material Design guidelines provided by Google. Often times this is used with button interactions, or when selecting check boxes or radio buttons. Traditionally this is something a developer has to implement themselves, but with the Ripple component this can be applied to any generic HTML element.


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