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UI for ASP.NET AJAX Q2 2014 (version 2014.2.618)

June 18, 2014

Mobile and Responsiveness

The Q2’14 is a milestone release for the ASP.NET AJAX mobile and responsive story. The Page Layout control becomes official and 15 more controls gain responsive, elastic and adaptive capabilities to help you build apps with UX tailored to any device:
  • Page Layout - The control now supports more complex layouts, sticky headers and footers and nested rows. You can examine the Responsive Web Design demo to see the integration of Page Layout in it.
  • Responsive Rotator and Slider.
  • Adaptive LightBox and Media Player.
  • Elastic AutoCompleteBox, ComboBox, DropDownList, ListBox, SearchBox, Slider, TagCloud, Rotator, Input, Calendar, Menu, Treeview and DropdownTree.
  • Improved gestures support in Grid, Slider and LightBox.

Map (New)

Use the RadMap Shape layers and GeoJSON data to easily create helpful map modules in ASP.NET web applications. The rich built-in GIS functionality enables you to add and control predefined layouts, markers, tooltips, zoom levels, UI elements and much more.

See demos

Gantt (Beta)

RadGantt control is a type of bar chart that is used in project management to illustrate a project schedule. It provides visual information about the work breakdown structure of the project.

See demos.

Diagram (Beta)

The Telerik ASP.NET Diagram helps you create rich and interactive diagrams with ease. Powered by HTML5, the control offers excellent client-side responsiveness and user experience. Telerik ASP.NET Diagramming Component comes with multitude of predefined layouts and rich built-in functionality, including drag and drop support, connection editing, shape rotation and resizing and more.


See demos.

ClientDataSource (New)

RadClientDataSource for ASP.NET AJAX is a control powered by Kendo UI DataSource framework. It allows querying local and remote services and wide variety of data operations. The rich client-side API offers capabilities for data editing, sorting, paging, filtering, grouping and more. The provided Client-side events allow fully customization of the queries and parameters passed to the web service.

​See demos.

Integration With Telerik Document Processing Library

As part of your UI for ASP.NET AJAX distribution, you gain access to the Telerik Document Processing Library, enabling you to manage documents within your app. Full-blown integration with all controls is expected in Q3. The currently supported features are:
  • DOCX and RTF import/export for RadEditor
  • Export to Excel for RadGrid, RadPivotGrid and RadTreeList

Sample App: Diagramming Tool

The sample app demonstrates RadDiagram functionality and integration with numerous other Telerik components. It enables users to modify, add, remove and connect shapes, as well as save and load diagram content.

Use the available source code as a base for implementing your own custom scenario.

Launch sample app


  • Setting Lighweight mode to controls that does not support render modes yields Lightweight render mode.
  • Control that inherits from a Telerik control will get the internal SupportsLightweightRendering property to false even if it was true on the base class.
  • Issue where inherited control could not make use of RenderMode configurations made from the web.config.
  • When lightweight render mode is set globally there are some issues when combining different controls on a page.
  • Skins are not loaded correctly in Design Time when custom skin assembly is used.


  • RadAsyncUpload does not calculate the Estimate time in the progress area when the files are dragged and dropped.


  • Added Show More Results functionality.
  • Improved elastic behavior of RadAutoCompleteBox.
  • RadAutoCompleteBox does not retain the selected entry after postback when the text which is typed in the input is the same as the text of the item.
  • The dropdown of RadAutoCompleteBox does not close in IE when a user scrolls the dropdown (using scroll bar arrows) and blurs the control.
  • JavaScript error in IE8 when ASP.NET validator is used with RadAutoCompleteBox.


  • Appearance of disabled radio and checkbox toggle RadButtons with Silk, Glow and Metro skins.
  • Leaking image sprite under Safari for iOS for RadButton with Enabled=false and ButtonType=StandardButton (default setting).


  • The Calendar with AutoPostBack=true, used in RadDateTimePicker remains open after Р° postback.
  • Elastic behavior for RadCalendar and all of the Date/Time pickers.
  • Wrong date is selected in RadMonthYearPicker popup when DisableOutOfRangeMonths=true even if the date is in range.
  • Selecting 10/20/2013 or other date where DST is applied is auto-corrected to the previous day in some time zones.
  • RadDatePicker with enabled keyboard navigation does not close its calendar when Esc key is pressed in Chrome.


  • Elastic behavior in RadComboBox.
  • Inherited RadComboBox does not respect RenderMode=Lightweight in IE7/8.
  • The MarkFirstMatch functionality is not working with IsCaseSensitive enabled.


  • Loading of diagram from JSON after connecting to a shape, not a specific connector.


  • Improved Elastic behavior of RadDropDownList


  • Improved Elastic behavior of RadDropDownTree
  • A wrong entry is selected when filtering a node that is different than the first one in RadDropDownTree and navigating down with the keyboard.


  • Added a link in the Smart Tag, which automatically copies the ascx files of RadEditor dialogs in the application and sets the EsternalDialogs property to point to their folder.
  • Improved tracking of keyboard content input in Editor.
  • Improved RadEditor PDF export functionality with PDF header and footer support.
  • Improved tracking of InsertLink and InsertList commands.
  • Improved: The RadEditor exposes the Pdf-DisableContentEncryption attribute, but its functionality is not respected while exporting.
  • When the onParentNodeChanged() function is invoked, additional BR element is appended into the content under Chrome and Firefox.
  • When discontinuing a list using Enter in Firefox, a JavaScript error is thrown.
  • The tools are collapsing regardless of the toolgroups under IE7.
  • The page scrolls to top on hitting Enter when RadEditor is set with AutoResizeHeight=true.
  • Updating an image wrapped in hyperlink will remove the anchor.
  • A JavaScript error is thrown when an image is inserted via the Image Manager into a large content under Chrome.
  • The HTML content breaks when a comment is inserted with text in which an '/n' escaping character exists.
  • The editor appears broken and Р° JavaScript error is thrown when integrated with RadWindow under Chrome and Safari.
  • The editor breaks when the initial content has nested block elements.
  • The ApplyCssClass command does not work when textNode is selected in Firefox and IE9/10/11.
  • Inline commands (RealFontSize, FontName, BackColor and ForeColor) are not applied over the selected text.
  • New Line on Enter command is not working as expected under Chrome.
  • The TrackChanges command tracking functionality does not take into account the EnableTrackChangesOverride tool.
  • The 'Accept All' and 'Reject All' track changes buttons stay enabled if CanAcceptTrackChanges=false.
  • After typing in a RadEditor in a page, loaded inside a RadWindow with DestroyOnClose=true, a RadEditor on the main page cannot be focused.


  • The Upload of multiple files with EnableAsyncUpload=true in FileExplorer leads to a JavaScript error.


  • Added new rendering for the RadFilter's Apply button.


  • Visual feedback on RadGrid filtering.
  • Improved RadGrid's virtualization functionality to return the values of fields, which are set as a ClientDataKeyName, but are not bound to a certain column.
  • Problems in RadMenu (lightweight rendering) in RadGrid.
  • RadGird pager is broken in IE7 when RTL is used.
  • RadGrid with static headers is unable to calculate its MasterTable width while nested in RadSplitter (Firefox only).
  • If you set EditMode=Batch when StaticHeaders are turned on, the content in headers might be truncated.
  • When filtering a GridNumericColumn with enabled AutoPostBackOnFilter and NumericType-Currency, a server side exception is thrown.
  • RadGrid data-bound on the client does not show sort icon for columns with different SortExpression than the DataField.
  • RadGrid sets the CurrentFilterFunction property to Contains after a postback has been made.
  • RadGrid throws an exception after expanding all and paging is performed when you have programmatically data-bound hierarchy.
  • RadGrid sort order does not return to natural after sorting ascending and descending.
  • Changes are not applied to GridTemplateColumn when EditMode=Batch and AllowMultiRowSelection=true.
  • RadGrid cancelled Batch editing changes in IE7-IE8 when clicking on Save Changes icon.
  • RadGrid with BatchEditing and Grouping throws a JavaScript error when Dragging out of the bar to ungroup.
  • In RadGrid Filter menu popup moves to top left of the page when Р•nter key is pressed after clicking the filter button.
  • If long numeric values, which contain a group separator, are entered in a batch editing grid an exception is thrown when the old and new values collections are created.
  • In IE11 when the columns are shown/hidden using Client-side logic their defined widths are being neglected.
  • HTML encoding fails when GridBoundColumn is in EditMode and HtmlEncode=true.
  • Setting DefaultInsertValue does not work for a batch editing grid.
  • In case Batch editing and Grouping are enabled deleting the last row of a group will delete the header of the next as well.
  • FilterCheckList LoadOnDemand functionality does not work for all filterable columns.
  • When ShowGroupPanel is enabled and DataSource in RadGrid is null a NullReferenceException is thrown.
  • The FilterExpression in RadGrid wrongly adds an empty string at its end - this leads to a server error.
  • Validation is not triggered for the new rows in a batch editing grid.
  • CheckListFiltering with automatic LoadOnDemad does not work in IE8 and in case of FilterCheckListEnableLoadOnDemand=false, the Apply button still appears.
  • BatchEditing does not work in case there are hidden columns and EditType is set to row.
  • RadGrid throws a JavaScript error when selecting an item from the inner levels of the hierarchy.
  • Type of NewValues in GridBatchEditingCommand is object<string> for numeric values, which contain group separator.
  • Server error is thrown when trying to update an item in an inner table of a hierarchical grid.
  • RadGrid's filter menu is not positioned correctly in IE11 when horizontal scroll is enabled.
  • Double scroll is appearing on RadGrid when virtualization is enabled.
  • RadGrid and RadTreeList throw JavaScript error when RenderMode property is set to Auto or Mobile.
  • When filtering is not enabled and hideFilterItem is called, the insert item of the grid is being hidden.
  • In IE7 the "No records to display" cell has wrong colspan.
  • The footer of the RadGrid has wrong colspan when there are hidden columns.
  • When RadGrid is localized in fr-CA – GridNumericColumn (get_valueAsString()) returns 10.5 instead of 10,5.
  • When RadGrid Virtualization is turned on and RowCreated Client-side event is added, a JavaScript error is thrown.
  • Silk Skin Expanded Group Arrow is not displayed in the correct state.
  • When CellSelectionMode of RadGrid is Columns, the grid selection functionality behaves like CellSelectionMode=MultiColumn.
  • Filter Menu of RadGrid does not inherit the value of EnableEmbeddedSkins property from the grid.
  • Some TTF fonts throw an error when used in PDF export.
  • PDF export does not properly parse HTML anchor tags (containing link to a PDF file), when OpenInNewWindow property is set to true.


  • Added a Visible property for the Series in RadHtmlChart.
  • Added a Visible property to FunnelSeriesItem and PieSeriesItem.


  • Improved accessibility of RadImageEditor.


  • Added RadImageGallery Keyboard Support.
  • Added ShowLoadingPanel property to the RadImageGallery.
  • RadImageGallery fails XHTML validation when ThumbnailsAreaSettings.Mode = ImageSlider.
  • In case two image galleries are on the page (or with LightBox mode) the first opened image is wrongly rescaled.
  • JavaScript error is seen when AJAX request is done while animation is still playing.
  • The text set for the ScrollNextButtonText and ScrollPrevButtonText properties does not show in the tooltip.
  • When you set ShowNextPrevImageButtons=false, the description box does not hide automatically.


  • When RadTextBox is disabled, the text in it is not well visible on iPad.
  • When RadInputManager is used in a Master/Content page with SharedCalendar, the calendar is visible on the page and its settings are not applied to the DatePickerSetting.
  • The RadNumericTextBox wrongly formats the decimal separator on error.


  • Added adaptive capabilities to the RadLightBox.
  • RadLightBox mobile improvements and responsiveness.
  • RadLightBox elastic capabilities improvement.
  • RadLightBox shows navigation arrows even if there is only one item.
  • If the Restore button is pressed, when switching to big image, the image gets resized in case animations are used.
  • The animations are broken in LightBox when RenderMode=Mobile is used.


  • Improved elastic behavior of RadListBox.
  • JavaScript error is thrown, when the RadListBox is configured with ItemTemplate and certain Item is reordered twice.
  • When the OnClientSelectedIndexChanging event is canceled, the RadListBox loses currently selected item.
  • The select() method does not trigger postback when autopostback is true.
  • Issue with RadListBox and a multi-line text box as one of the Template Items when EnableDragAndDrop=true.
  • If SelectIndexChanging is canceled, the control still does postback.


  • Cannot disable embedded styles for the RadMediaPlayer's SocialShare control.
  • Add Google+ to the default RadMediaPlayer's SocialShare control when MediaPlayer is loaded on touch device.
  • In RadMediaPlayer the playlist overlaps the social share bar.
  • RadMediaPlayer does not play YouTube video when the browser lacks flash plugin.
  • RadMediaPlayer video plays or pauses when clicked on the toolbar background on IE7-IE9.
  • RadMediaPlayer with enabled playlist does not play HD videos.
  • MediaPlayer Playlist item is wrongly selected in case the HD button is pressed.
  • When .flv video is set as a source, the player will not play the video.
  • RadMediaPlayer cannot play .wav files


  • Improved elastic behavior of RadMenu


  • Added row type property.
  • Added HtmlTag to PageLayout.
  • Added offset properties to columns.
  • Added the ability to nest rows in rows.


  • Persistence Framework throws an exception in some cases with master/client pages and proxies.
  • RadPersistenceFramework can't restore RadPivotGrid/RadGrid settings saved with different version of the control.


  • RadPivotGrid layout breaks when adding new row field of DateTime type.
  • RadPivotGrid misaligned when resizing the browser's window.
  • RadPivotGrid headers are misaligned.
  • When RadPivotGrid is resized to a width large enough to hide the horizontal scrollbar, resizing it to a smaller size does not produce the expected scrollbar and the columns are not aligned properly.
  • PivotGrid throws a server error when reordering item from aggregate to the column zone and adding more than four aggregates.
  • PivotGrid layout breaks when adding new RowField.
  • RadPivotGrid with OLAP does not immediately show fields configured through the configuration panel.
  • RadPivotGrid shows an extra space near the horizontal scroll when the width is in percentage in a wide page.


  • Added Client-side data binding for Rotator.
  • Improved Rotator touch UI using gestures.
  • Improved with light-weight rendering and elasticity.
  • Inconsistent behavior of Text containing & (ampersand) character in the Ticker control.
  • The loading of new items in RadRotator when the load on demand functionality is enabled.
  • Error is thrown in IE7-8 in LoadOnDemand scenario.


  • RadScheduler recurring appointment export to ICal does not work as expected when a time zone is set.
  • AppointmentComparer does not work correctly in .NET 4.5.
  • RadScheduler throws a server error (System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException) when appointment are moved fast in from one resource to another in IE8.


  • White list for cross checking assembly before being loaded in RadScriptManager.


  • Improved Elastic behavior of RadSearchBox.


  • Add Client-side data binding for Slider.
  • Improved Slider touch UI using gestures.
  • Improved with light-weight rendering and elasticity.


  • The Title of a SlidingPane tab is truncated in IE8 and IE11.


  • Added client-side data binding for TagCloud.
  • Allow the size relations between the TagCloud elements to be dependent on the font size of the control.


  • PostBack on selection if AutoPostBack is set to true.


  • Improved with reduced usage of !important legacy styles on MetroTouch.


  • Tooltip animations use the Animation Framework.


  • Added GetMaximumNestedLevel function.
  • If the DataKeyNames filed of a RadTreeList contains IDs that are not unique the server crashes.


  • Improved Elastic behavior of RadTreeView


  • The content of the loaded page should be restricted in the RadWindow with Lightweight render mode under iOS.

Visual Style Builder

  • Integrated RadMediaPlayer with Visual Style Builder

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