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Store and Organize Reports Seamlessly

Efficiently store and manage reports in a single server-side repository. Telerik Report Server comes bundled up as a lightweight web application ready to download and run on your local web server seamlessly.

  • Store Reports (Web-Based Report Server Management)

    Telerik Report Server is a one-stop shop for advanced report management and enables you to store all reports in a single server-side repository. With a standalone web interface, Report Server also empowers you to load, view and deliver reports in the most user-friendly way.
  • Report Versioning

    With Telerik Report Server, you are always protected from accidental mistakes when managing reports. Users can keep track of the different versions and revert to an older version, if needed.
    (3) Report Versioning
  • Fast Report Loading

    Built-in caching functionality leads to optimized memory consumption and helps multiple users load the same report faster.
  • Access Reports From Any Device

    Telerik Report Server was built with responsiveness in mind. Whether accessed via phone, tablet or PC, the report preview will always provide a user experience tailored for the specific screen size. You can manage the available reports in any modern desktop browser.
  • Comprehensive Report Server Management APIs

    Get complete programmatic control over your reports. Use comprehensive APIs to create, modify and work with reports, sections and report items with code.
    (3) Comprehensive Report Server Managament APIs

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