Telerik Report Server

Create and Style Beautiful Reports to Your Needs

  • End-to-end report management solution to store, manage and view reports efficiently
  • Rich set of Line of Business features
  • Perfect Positioning, Sizing and Aligning of Report Items

    Telerik Report Server provides a WYSIWYG canvas in its standalone Report Designer. It simulates graph paper and implements techniques used in drawing software, such as gridlines, item snapping, item rotation and on-canvas item dimensions to simplify positioning and aligning report elements.
    (1) Perfect Positioning
  • Format Reports Based on Data

    Telerik Report Server Conditional Formatting uses a powerful reporting expression engine with data conditions to control text color, font and background, much like Microsoft Excel.
    (1) Format Reports Based on Data
  • Powerful CSS-like Styling

    Telerik Report Server provides an advanced styling mechanism which closely follows CSS specifications. The model provides quick yet detailed visual customization of all your report items. You have full control over the item’s properties. Styles can also be copied and applied to other items in a report.
    (1) Powerful CSS-like Styling
  • Bring Interactive Reports to Your Users

    Add drill-down and drill-through actions to your reports, insert a document map to jump to a report section and add hyperlinks to external web pages. These interactive features are available in all report viewers and standalone report designer, powered by Telerik Reporting. The HTML5 report viewer also offers screen-optimized touch capabilities.
    (1) Bring Interactive Reports to Your Users
  • Telerik Report Designer Integration

    Seamlessly connect to Telerik Report Server directly through the standalone Report Designer to upload new reports on the server or edit existing ones. Just fill in the Report Server location and your credentials. The report designer will also provide a list of the available server data connections and offer options for adding new ones.
    (1) Telerik Report Designer Integration
  • Easy Report Creation Powered by Telerik Reporting

    The standalone Report Designer of Telerik Report Server uses the latest UI standards to help you create and analyze interactive reports directly on your machine. Ready reports can be stored, shared via e-mail, managed with a variety of line-of-business capabilities, exported to any format and printed.
    (1) Easy Report Integration Powered by Telerik Reporting

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