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Use Multiple Report Data Sources

Take control of your data and deliver information from multiple data sources. Execute data operations such as aggregation, filtering, slicing, grouping, sorting, conditional formatting and styling effortlessly.

  • Microsoft SQL Server

    Native support lets you leverage one of the most popular databases, configuring its connection either directly in report definitions or using named data connections, registered in Report Server.
  • ODBC Data Sources

    ODBC provides you connectivity with many databases through a common interface, using third party drivers. Telerik Report Server can use virtually any compatible ODBC Data Source Name (DSN) and fetch data from a database that isn’t natively supported.
  • Inline CSV Data

    If you don’t need real-life data, you can use the CSV data source. It’s very convenient for creating a quick report example that utilizes mockup data.
  • Domain Specific Business Objects

    This feature lets you expose your specific Business Objects, declared in Report Server domain, using the ObjectDataSource component.

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