Telerik Reporting

OLAP Engine and Data Binding for Reporting

  • Deliver relevant information from any data source. Aggregate, filter and format data quickly and easily
  • Complete .NET embedded reporting tool for web and desktop applications
  • Supports: Blazor, Angular, React, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web Forms, HTML5/JS, WPF, WinForms and WinUI.
  • High-Performance OLAP Data Engine

    The intelligent Telerik OLAP data engine utilizes server resources to process the report data. It then transfers data needed by the report to the client and stores it in memory. This means optimized CPU loads and a decreased memory footprint on the server, with near-instant data access on the client.
  • Data Source Support with Codeless Data Binding

    Telerik Reporting provides design-time, data source components to help you codelessly bind report items to several data sources simultaneously. This includes Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services cubes, ADO.NET data sources, relational databases, business objects, ORMs and XML. Programmatic data  binding (at run-time) is also supported.

    Learn the best practices for data retrieval in Telerik Reporting. 
  • Full Control Over Your Data Through Expressions

    The task of writing expressions is simplified with the Excel-like expression engine. There is no need to write code, or event handlers. The Telerik expression engine allows you to:

    • Group, filter and sort data at all report levels
    • Aggregate and calculate data
    • Limit the data retrieved from the data source
    • Define master-detail hierarchies
    • Merge data-driven information (mail merge) 
    • Bind report parameters and item properties to an expression
    • Create reusable expressions and aggregate functions and more

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