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Zip Library

  • Overview

    RadZipLibrary for ASP.NET AJAX offers you the most flexible way to compress, archive and ship large files in DOCX, PDF and image formats.

    See Demo of the ASP.NET AJAX RadZipLibrary
  • Key Features

    Flexible API to Create and Edit ZIP Files

    Easily turn folders into ZIPs with the flexible API of the RadZipLibrary. Update previously created ZIP files by adding or removing items. Create in-memory ZIP files or stream data to a ZIP.

    Load Data from ZIP Files

    Easily read the files in the ZIP and get information for their name, actual size, etc. Directly load the files, provide each of them for download or display the information about them in any desired format.

    See Demo of Reading Data from ZIP Files

    Compress and Decompress Streams

    When you need to save or transfer large sets of data, compress streams and decompress them only when you need to use them again. Save storage space and traffic on network.

    Check out the ASP.NET AJAX Zip Library Stream Compression Demo

    Support for Large Files

    Larger ZIP files of more than 4GB are supported.

    Encryption for Higher Security

    Password protection for higher security is available for you to lock any of the created archives.

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