Progress Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX


  • Unique Navigation

    Provide a contextual and interesting way to display your navigational items by utilizing an Office-like ribbon interface.
  • Templates

    Fully customize your ribbon bar items to include other ASP.NET controls. These can be mixed with the regular items or found in their own ribbon groups.
  • Keyboard Support

    Interact with all aspects of the ASP.NET ribbon control via the keyboard—perfect in scenarios where accessibility is a concern.
  • Quick Access Toolbar

    Choose the most used Ribbon Bar items to be included in a separate shortcut menu in the title bar of the control. This enables users to have quick access to functionality that is found under various tabs.
  • Contextual Tabs

    Group the Ribbon Bar tabs into contextual tabs to enable a more refined and intuitive layout with related tabs grouped together.

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