ASP.NET AJAX Notification

  • Use the ASP.NET AJAX Notification component to display popup notifications within your apps and benefit from limitless customization options.
  • Part of the Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX library along with 120+ professionally designed UI components.
  • Includes support, documentation, demos, virtual classrooms and more!
Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX Suite
  • Simple Notifications

    Display notification messages, either client-side or server-side, using a light-weight and highly customizable control.
    Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX Notification - simple notifications
  • Setting Content

    Add simple content to your notifications though a single property or define much more complex content through a template
    Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX Notification - content setting
  • Bind to Web Services

    Bind the notification control to web services in order to refresh it on demand as well as improve performance
  • Client-Side API

    Interact with the notification control in JavaScript via its client-side API.
  • Update Intervals

    Display the notification control in regular intervals to display important information to users multiple times within a certain time frame.
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