Progress Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX


  • RadTextBox

    Provide your users with the ability to easily input plain text in your forms.
  • RadNumericTextBox

    Create an intuitive form by providing an input specifically designed for numbers, currency and percentages.
  • RadDateInput

    Take advantage of an ASP.NET input control that enables you to only accept a date as an input.
  • RadMaskedTextBox

    Integrate masked inputs into your ASP.NET form, facilitating formatting on the provided text via masks such as IP address, phone number and even zip codes.
  • Validation

    Validate all of your inputs, either via client-side or server-side, to ensure that the data entered in you form is valid.
  • Extend Regular Inputs

    Extend the functionality of the standard ASP.NET TextBox to include many of the capabilities of the Telerik Input control.
  • HTML5 Input Types

    Utilize the built-in support for HTML5 input types. The Input control can render its input element using the HTML5 text, number, date and datetime types.

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