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The Hurdle of Exporting Web Content

Exporting Web Content

Implementing export functionality in your web apps is a complex, time-consuming task, which can involve putting multiple third-party solutions together. Add to that the complexity of performance optimizations for large datasets, support for different browsers and devices and customizations to the appearance of the exported files, and it becomes quite challenging.

Recognizing the need for you to easily enable users to export app content to popular file types, including PDF, Excel and PNG images, we developed a client-side export library that ships with the Kendo UI for jQuery HTML5 and JavaScript UI framework. Here’s how Kendo UI for jQuery turns what would have once taken you weeks to implement into something you achieve with a few lines of code.

Exporting Content with Kendo UI for jQuery

Kendo UI for jQuery is the richest framework of HTML5 and JavaScript UI widgets helping you cut development time, while delivering powerful and modern websites and apps. It offers components for every need—from the must-have for every app Grids, Dropdowns and Menus to the advanced line-of-business UI, such as Charts, Gantt, Diagram, Scheduler, PivotGrid and Maps.

Why Use Kendo UI for jQuery as Your Exporting Solution?

  • Enables you to export any type of content, including whole pages, Kendo UI for jQuery widgets, Bootstrap components or simple HTML elements
  • Supports export to Excel, PDF and PNG images
  • Exported files look identical to your web content, but are customizable
  • Enabling exporting is easy—All you have to do is reference the minimal required Kendo UI for jQuery resources and make some simple configurations to specify what content to export and in what format

No need to integrate pieces of different third-party libraries or develop your own export extensions and customizations. The Kendo UI for jQuery framework supports a wide range of export options right away, using integrated methods or API configurations.

Exporting Content with Kendo UI

Exporting Content to Excel

Exporting Content to Excel

All tabular databound widgets in the suite—Grid, PivotGrid and TreeList—have built-in exporting capabilities. To enable users to export content, simply invoke a single method.

By default, all widget settings and customizations will be reflected in the exported file, but you also have the flexibility to customize them, if you need the data to look differently in Excel:

  • Cell appearance—font, alignment, background
  • Frozen rows and columns
  • Column width
  • Colspan and rowspan settings

Exporting Content to PDF, PNG Image and SVG

With the Kendo UI for jQuery framework, you can export any type of content to PDF, PNG images and SVG files, be it whole pages, Kendo UI for jQuery widgets, Bootstrap components or simple HTML elements. The PDF export uses our data visualization drawing engine to create a pixel-perfect PDF file, identical to your web content.

All you have to do to export the content of individual Kendo UI for jQuery widgets to PDF, PNG images or SVG, is invoke a single method.

Configuration options when exporting content to PDF include:

  • Set the paper size and margins, layout orientation, title, author and so on
  • Enable automatic page breaking for multi-page content
  • Set page templates with headers and footers
  • Use integrated or custom fonts and more
Exporting Content to PDF, PNG Image and SVG

The SaveAs Webinar: Exporting Content from JavaScript Apps

Kendo UI Export PDF Excel PNG

Our Developer Advocates Cody Lindley, Todd Motto and Burke Holland of Progress held a webinar dedicated to implementing export functionality in your web apps. The recording will walk you through the tools market landscape and more:

  • Save portions or entire web pages as images or pdf files to client
  • Export or save data to different file formats (PDF, Excel, text, image)
  • Enable users to export content when offline

If you are currently thinking about any of these topics, make sure to check out the webinar.

Supported Browsers


Internet Explorer


and later




and later




and ESR releases

What is ESR?



and later


OS X Safari


and later

Saving Excel-generated files requires a server-side proxy for older browser versions.
Exporting to PDF and PNG image is not supported under Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8.

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