Unexpected data with ServerSideCallback causes issues

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  1. Alexander
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    If you have a RadTreeView with ServerSideCallBack mode on nodes, and the post-back caused by expanding these nodes causes something unexpected to happen, like a Response.Redirect (302 response) or errors (5xx responses) or something, the node will just appear to be loading its child nodes forever. The OnClientNodePopulationFailed function isn't called, and there's no error message. The node just pretends it's loading the child nodes forever.

    How can I work around this? There are situations in our project that causes unexpected things to happen during post back sometimes, and we need to be able to handle them. Ever-loading tree nodes without any messages will not please our customers. It works fine if it's a regular post back (even through the UpdatePanel from the ASP.NET AJAX toolkit.)
  2. Vesko
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    As far as I know if you throw a new Application exception from the NodeExpand server event then the OnClientNodePopulationFailed client event will fire.

    Note that you might need to set the customErrors mode to Off in the web.config:

    <customErrors mode="Off"></customErrors>
  3. Dave Pellegrin
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    I get the same problem when exceptions occur before the NodeExpand event occur in the page lifecycle.  I would like to at least present something to the user if an unexpected exception occurs...   OnClientNodePopulationFailed is not firing even though there a 500 error returned.
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