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    I'm trying to implement a tabstrip with multipage. My page views are dynamically loaded user controls.

    This is basically how the flow works.
    I have a RADgrid (named RadGrid1) that contains a number of columns. When you click on a row in the grid, a tab is created that represents the data of that gridrow. To accompish this I use "RadGrid1_ItemCommand" and check for the "RowClick" command. I then get the name of the column I need and use that to name the tab. Here's the C# code to add the new tab and its coressponding page view.



    void AddTab(string tabName)




        RadTab tab = new RadTab();


        tab.Text = tabName;

        RadTabStrip.SelectedIndex = selectedTabIndex;



    pageView = new RadPageView();


        pageView.ID = tabName;

        RadMultiPage.SelectedIndex = selectedTabIndex;





    void RadMultiPage_PageViewCreated(object sender, RadMultiPageEventArgs e)




        string userControlName = "UserControls/VMDetails.ascx";



        Control userControl = LoadControl(userControlName, passName, passIP);


        userControl.ID = passName +





    The problem I'm having is that the first two tabs are created fine, but the thrid tab doesn't get created because I get an error on the page indicating the userControl.ID is a dupicate. Trying to debug this issue I noticed that the code doesn't follow the design I think it should follow.

    When I click on a row, I would think the first code execution would be in the "RadGrid1_ItemCommand" method to see if the the "RowClick" command is true, however this is not the case. The first execution appears to be the "RadMultiPage_PageViewCreated" method. If you look at the code above, the "passName" value during the execution the third time has a value from the previous tab creation and therefor the userControl.ID is the same.

    Why does execution go directly to "RadMultiPage_PageViewCreated'? Any Thoughts?


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