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    me again!!

    I read that we should use 'ToUniversalTime()' for each appointment start/end time. When I don't use that the scheduler displays appointment at the correct time. But when I use the ToUT() then the appointments are displayed for different times.

    Funny thing is the client side get_appointment().Start returns correct time when ToUT() is used but returns different time when its not used.

    there is An appointment at 9 o'clock in DB. bind it to Scheduler w/o ToUT(). It displays appointment at 9. check get_appointment().Start() - it displays 4 AM.

    Now, use ToUT(). the appointment is displayed at 2 PM. the get_appointment().Start returns 9 AM.

    How do I get everything in sync? I am not using TimezoneOffset property - which I read I don't have to.


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