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    Is there a way to use the SkinManager to set the skin of a type of control?  For example, we use the skin manager to set all RadControls to use Office2007.  However, in the case of the RadSplitter, we just don't like the Office2007 skin and would really like to set ALL RadSplitters to use Vista.

    TargetControls works for specific controls.  But we don't want each developer that uses a Splitter to have to remember to do that.  We'd rather say that all RadSplitters are Vista, all other Rad Controls are Office2007.

    Is this possible?  If not - it seems like a reasonable feature request.  Slightly more granular than "all Rad Controls" - but less specific than "Control with ID=x".
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    Although I don't think there's a way to directly say "all RadSplitters are to use the Vista skin" but you could always set it up so all controls included in the Target collection has one skin, while the others have another skin applied to them (unless they have a specific skin assigned). You can see an example of this in this documentation article and although it's not an explicit way of setting this it's still a very viable implementation.
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    I would suggest placing that setting in a Skin file, where you can force all RadSplitters to use that skin. I believe that should work.
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