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  1. Mohamed Salah Al-Din
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    Posted 07 Feb 2010 Link to this post

    Dear Sir,
        As you noticed in the thread title i am writing RadWindowManagers, i will descripe the following scenario:
    one aspx page that contains one RadTabStrip and one RadMultiPage, inside each RadPageView we have one UserControl, inside each UserControl we have RadWindowManager and at least two RadWindow. i was having a problem with a script:

    var manager = GetRadWindowManager();  
    // txtShowWindow is the id of a textarea on the page  
    var window1 = manager.getWindowByName('rwMap');  
    var MapInput =  $find('<%=txt_Location.ClientID%>');  
    var MapInputValue = MapInput.get_value();  
    var Latval = 0;  
    var Longval = 0;  
    if (MapInputValue.length > 0)  
    Latval = MapInputValue.split(',')[0];  
    Longval = MapInputValue.split(',')[1];  
    window1.setUrl('Map.aspx?Lat=' + Latval + '&Long=' + Longval);  

    which is in the UserControl, i thought the problem was the [manager.getWindowByName('rwMap')] part but i investigat the problem, and found that the RadWindowManager in the first RadPageView is the only accessable even if i am in the second Tab, the second RadWindowManager is not accessable, that's why the function was returning null when i was trying to get the RadWindow.
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    Georgi Tunev
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    Posted 11 Feb 2010 Link to this post

    Hello Mohamed,

    Try using $find() to get a reference to the RadWindowManager - GetRadWindowManager() will always get the manager that is last rendered on the page.

    Kind regards,
    Georgi Tunev
    the Telerik team

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