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  1. Cedric
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    Posted 26 Oct 2007 Link to this post


    I found in the demo section that it is possible to have a radtooltip on an appointment. I'm pretty sure that there are things missing in the presented code. Could we have a sample project demonstrating the radtooltip on an appointment that I could use?

    Thank you again for your great work.
  2. Tim Barton
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    Take a look here.


    Be advised that they are a few bugs with the example that I have opened up a support ticket.

    1) Double Click on an event and click more to go to the advanced edit form
    2) Click or put your mouse over the the calendar icon to get the error.


    Delete both of the events by clicking the x icon.  Then try to add another event by double click RadScheduler, you will get an error

  3. EmpowerIT
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    Posted 28 Oct 2007 Link to this post

    Here is some code that I used in an old project to implement a RadToolTip in conjuction with the RadScheduler (n.b. these were early days of me using telerik controls, so be wary of ugly code below :p)

    1 void DesignerSchedule_Init(object sender, EventArgs e) 
    2    { 
    3        RadToolTipManager1.AjaxUpdate += new ToolTipUpdateEventHandler(RadToolTipManager1_AjaxUpdate); 
    4    } 
    7    void RadToolTipManager1_AjaxUpdate(object sender, ToolTipUpdateEventArgs e) 
    8    { 
    9        try 
    10        { 
    11            char[] splitters = { '_' }; 
    12            string[] foo = (e.TargetControlID.Split(splitters)); 
    13            int aptIndex = Convert.ToInt32(foo[1]); 
    14            Appointment apt = RadScheduler1.Appointments[aptIndex]; 
    15            Shared_AppointmentToolTip tootip = LoadControl("../Shared/AppointmentToolTip.ascx"as Shared_AppointmentToolTip; 
    17            tootip.TargetAppointment = apt; 
    18            e.UpdatePanel.ContentTemplateContainer.Controls.Add(tootip); 
    19        } 
    20        catch 
    21        { 
    22        } 
    23    } 
    I had to split the TargetControlID because i believe it also contained the ID of the RadScheduler. It was in the form RadShedulerID_ApptIndex_somethingelse.
    There is probably a much more elegant way to do this, but if it aint broke, dont fix it ;)

    In the aspx page, this was all I inserted
     <telerik:RadToolTipManager runat="server" ID="RadToolTipManager1" 
       Width="300" Height="100" Skin="Vista" Animation="Resize" Position="BottomRight" 
       Sticky="false" Text="Loading..." AutoCloseDelay="6000"/> 

    Don't forget to include all the references are register commands at the top  of your aspx file
  4. Cedric
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    Posted 29 Oct 2007 Link to this post

    Tim, link64,

    Thank you for your help! I am surely gonna be able to do something with these sample codes.

    Have a nice day!
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