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    I have a parent window and a child window open on the click on a button in the parent window. The click of the button opens the child window with a radgrid inside. The user selects a row, and then returns to the parent window. I have an onclientclosed javascript function in the parent window process the data (in args) sent back to the window). I am using one of the args (Name) to fill up the radtextbox. On the return to the parent window, the child window closes, and I set the radtextbox to the value, but the value does not appear in the radtextbox. If I then click in the textbox, the name appears.

    If I change the radtextbox to an asp textbox, it works fine.

    Here is my code:

    function OnClientPublisherClose(oWnd) { 
            if (oWnd.returnCode == 0)  // if returnCode is 0, user cancelled - don't change anything 
            if (oWnd.returnCode == -1) // user pressed clear - clear out values 
                var txtbxPublisherName = document.getElementById('publisherName'); 
                txtbxPublisherName.value = ""
                var txtbxPublisherID = document.getElementById('txtPublisher_id'); 
                txtbxPublisherID.value = -1;  // know that it is not valid so when writing out, write out null 
            //get the transferred arguments 
            var publisher_name = oWnd.argument.publisherName; 
            var publisher_id = oWnd.argument.publisherID; 
            var txtbxPublisherName = document.getElementById('publisherName'); 
            txtbxPublisherName.value = publisher_name; 
            var txtbxPublisherID = document.getElementById('txtPublisher_id'); 
            txtbxPublisherID.value = publisher_id; 

     <telerik:RadTextBox ID="publisherName" runat="server" ReadOnly="true"  > 

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