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RadTextBox New Line Display Issue in IE

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jlj30 asked on 20 May 2014, 02:14 PM

I have numerous multiline RadTextBox controls that are not displaying a new line.
I have no problems with Firefox or Chrome.

Let me make it clear that I CAN enter new lines into these fields and they display fine at that point in time.
It's only after I save the record and subsequently open it again (in a RadWindow) that the carriage returns are not honoured.
I am retrieving the data using a web service, and updating the field using the following statement:


The value is obviously being stored in the database correctly since Firefox and Chrome display the content correctly.

Here's the declaration of the textbox:

<telerik:RadTextBox ID="txtDesc" MaxLength='<%# (int)Session["MaxMultiLineSize"] %>'
                                runat="server" Width="450px" Rows="7" TextMode="MultiLine" onkeydown="KeyDownMultiLine(this,event)"
                                ToolTip="Provide a detailed description for this Note" Enabled='<%# (Boolean)Session["EditProcess"] %>'>

In case you're wondering the onkeydown handler simply enables my Save button if the user makes any changes to this control.  I tried removing it just in case it might have something to do with the problem, but the incorrect behaviour continued.

Any suggestions on how to get this to work properly.

Thanks in advance.


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Viktor Tachev
Telerik team
answered on 23 May 2014, 09:10 AM
Hi Jim,

I tried replicating the behavior you describe, however I was unable to. I am attaching a sample project I used for testing. The sample includes a RadWindow and a RadTextBox in it. The value for the RadTextBox is set to some sample text.

I tested the project with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome and the behavior is similar on my end - the new lines are shown as expected. Would you give the project a try and let me know if it works on your end as well? Could you describe what needs to be changed in the sample in order for the problematic behavior to be replicated?

Viktor Tachev

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Viktor Tachev
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