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Cross-Platform Native Mobile Development for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

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  1. Set Up Instantly

    Start creating immediately on PC, Mac or Linux without downloads, installs or configuration.

  2. Create Your App

    Visually construct your mobile app from a library of user interfaces, then export to JavaScript.

  3. Run Everywhere

    Easily publish your app to iOS, Android and Windows Phone using public or private app stores.

Every Step of Your Mobile Project. Accelerated.

A successful mobile strategy addresses every stage of the project. Telerik Platform not only helps you rapidly build cross-platform native mobile apps, but also provides a complete solution that supports the entire scope of your organization’s mobile strategy.


  1. Visually Create Your App

    Rapidly assemble your mobile app from a library of pre-designed screens, connect these screens to live data, then generate a fully functioning mobile app.

  2. Make It Gorgeous With Design Themes

    Leverage built-in mobile design themes to create intuitive touch-friendly interfaces that are cross-platform and based on best practices. Learn more


  1. Build Native Mobile Apps

    Use your existing JavaScript and CSS skills to create mobile apps with truly native performance. Learn more

  2. Clone An Existing Project

    Instead of starting from scratch, use pre-built and ready to deploy project templates for common scenarios such as purchase orders, expense management, etc. Learn more


  1. Connect To Your Existing Data

    Effortlessly connect your mobile app to your organization’s existing data and apps using built-in data connectors to 20+ databases and ERP systems. Learn more

  2. Utilize On-Demand MBaaS Services

    Scale your app by leveraging cloud, virtual private cloud or on-premise services including storage, push notifications, responsive images and more. Learn more

  3. Enable Your App To Work Offline

    Make your mobile app work offline and smartly synchronize data using easy to configure conflict resolution strategies. Learn more


  1. Run and Debug Your App

    Test and debug your mobile app on iOS, Android and Windows Phone using built-in simulators, emulators or on-device companion apps. Learn more

  2. Proactively Find Bugs

    Find bugs before your users do by writing automated tests using JavaScript then executing these tests across multiple platforms. Learn more

  3. Test On Every Device Imaginable

    The Telerik Device Cloud enables you to run automated tests against 300+ mobile devices and troubleshoot using recordings of failed tests. *Coming Soon*


  1. Publish to App Stores, Public or Private

    Easily deploy your mobile app to your own private app store or public app stores, including the Apple App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone. Learn more

  2. Push Immediate and Automatic App Updates

    Push live updates to your mobile app without resubmitting to public app stores for approval or requiring users to manually update.


  1. Secure Access to Your App

    Control who has access and remotely disable your app using a centrally managed administrative dashboard.


  1. Receive Crash and Performance Reports

    Find and troubleshoot problems by capturing crash reports, exceptions and performance bottlenecks. Learn more

  2. View Analytics About Your App’s Usage

    See how your app is used by tracking feature usage, device type and user location while getting real-time reports and much more. Learn more

  3. Get In-App User Feedback

    Enable users to shake their device, point to the problem and send in-context feedback to the development team.

Gartner Named Us a Challenger

Telerik Included in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms for Second Consecutive Year

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