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  1. Sam
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    Posted 08 May 2009 Link to this post

    I am loading RadDocks from SQL and state as well, I'm having trouble with RadDock.ApplyState(state)..  There has to be a loop from the database to load the controls but at the same time there has to be a loop to apply the state, does anyone have an example of this?

    Here is the code I am talking about, this loop is based on the propery list of DockState

    Protected Sub Page_Init(ByVal sender As ObjectByVal e As EventArgs) 
                Dim i As Integer = 0 
                While i < CurrentDockStates.Count 
                    Dim dock As RadDock = CreateRadDockFromState(CurrentDockStates(i)) 
                    System.Math.Max(System.Threading.Interlocked.Increment(i),i - 1) 
                End While 
            End Sub 

    However I load the usercontrols into RadDocks with a While Loop from a datareader like this:

       Protected Sub Page_Init(ByVal sender As ObjectByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Init 
            Dim RoleID As Integer 
            Dim drContacts As SqlDataReader 
            Dim control As New Web.UI.Control() 
            Dim count As Integer = 0 
            Dim state As New DockState() 
            Dim Edit As String = Utilities.GetSession("Edit Layout Allowed"
            RoleID = Int32.Parse(Utilities.GetSession("PortalRoleID")) 
            drContacts = PortalDataAccess.GetPortalControlsByRoleID(RoleID) 
            If (drContacts.HasRows) Then 
                While (drContacts.Read()) 
                    Dim soRadDock As New RadDock() 
                    soRadDock.ID = drContacts("ControlID").ToString() 
                    soRadDock.Title = drContacts("ControlTitle").ToString() 
                    control = LoadControl("UserControls/" & drContacts("ControlName").ToString() & ".ascx"
                    If drContacts("Zone") = 1 Then 
                    End If 
                    If drContacts("Zone") = 0 Then 
                    End If 
                End While 
            End If 
        End Sub 

    So my problem is in order to call ApplyState(State) in Page_Init and get the correct closed , collapsed state from the DB I need to have 2 loops........ Not sure how to accomplish this. The underlying issue is the Closed and Collapsed state is being overwritten before the controls render and Im losing those 2 pieces of state.


  2. Petio Petkov
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    Posted 12 May 2009 Link to this post

    Hi Sam,

    I created for you a simple example which loads/save state in DB and RadDocks are created dynamically - please find it attached. The Dock.ApplyState method is invoked when the RadDock is created from the state.

    Sincerely yours,
    Petio Petkov
    the Telerik team

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