Performing a Browser Re-direct Inside a RadWindow

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    I am using a Modal RadWindow popup on page 'A' that opens with the 'radopen' javascript method.  The window pops up (page 'B'), then some processing is done to the query string, and the RadWindow is immediately re-directed to page 'C'.  Page C is not a part of our site.

    The intent is that the user does some things on Page C, then closes the window, then some event happens back on Page A.  When the RadWindow is redirected to page C, everything seems to be working.  The problem happens if the user clicks a link on page C to page 'D' (also not part of our site).  When this happens, it looks like the entire Browser is re-directed, rather than just the RadWindow.  So we effectively lose page A entirely, and we no longer have a radWindow.  We are left with only page D in our browser window.

    We have no control over Page C or its mechanism for performing re-direction.  We just want whatever happens on Page C to stay on Page C and not redirect the entire browser page.  Is this possible?  And if not, are there any good alternatives?

  2. Georgi Tunev
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    Hello Jerry,

    The 2 most probable reasons for such behavior are:
    1. the links in page C are set with  target="_top" which forces the browser to load them as topmost, e.g. not in the IFRAME container (RadWindow is an IFRAME) but directly in the browser.
    2. There is a "frame buster" script on page D that makes sure that the page will always be opened as topmost in the browser. Here is a sample of such "frame buster":
      if (window != = window.location.href;    
    I am afraid however that there is no workaround for this since you don't have control over pages C and D - otherwise it would be a major security hole.

    Georgi Tunev
    the Telerik team

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