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    I have some trouble to test my silverlight application on my next project. And I am going to get through it with multipageview control
    My situation is below

    I have menus on left side of page. And right side there will be multipageview like contentpaceholder.  some menus linked with external legacy aspx page. some menus linked with page hosting a silverlight application. my clinet want to not install silverlight plugin 
    Until enduser click menus which linked with silverlight application. So i decided to use pageview like div html tag 
    When end user clicked menu which associated with aspx page  I just like to show aspx page in pageview control like iframe. And When end user clicked menu asscociated with a SL app I'd like to show aspx page hosting SL app and call SL app function via javascript 
    this is why i am going to put all page in one SL app . I am going to make javascript and SL function to choose which page should be loaded when end user  clicked menu. I can pass menuId as parameter every time but i think it always make user load SL application 
    whenever user click SL asscociated menu So that's not my option. I just want to load aspx page hosting SL app once at first time, 
    I'd like to make SL app page changed by just calling javascript when end user click menu  

    Any Advice will be appeciated in advance 

    PS : I am not a native English Speaker So Let me know if you don't get what i mean exactly Please .  

  2. Yana
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    Posted 10 Nov 2009 Link to this post

    Hello Park,

    Please check this online example which demonstrates how you can load the pageviews on demand - I think that this will be useful in your case.
    Also there's no problem inserting Silverlight content in page as it's show here.

    All the best,
    the Telerik team

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