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    I am trying to add some rules on the onClientNodeDropped event of a tree. How can i get the destination node on this event? i tried to do var dest=args.get_destNode(); but I was getting an error saying the object doesn't support this property or method.

    Also , here is what i am trying to do. after dropping a node, in the onClientNodeDropped event i am trying to check what type of node that is (based on a custom attribute called itemtype) and trying to add editable fields (textboxes) as children to that node, into which user can enter data and on pressing enter the textboxes turn into labels with the values that have been entered...on clicking again they need to turn into textboxes, so the user can edit what ever they entered. how can I go about achieving this? (adding textbox controls client side). 

    (basically, its letting the user enter parameters for a function that has been dropped from a functions tree onto another tree)

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